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I picked a really good time to check for updates! Love the epic battle beard!
I hope we're just waiting on the start of the next Soft Reboot, it would be really sad if a Gar showed us all these neat new art tricks he's learned and then wordlessly ended the comic :(
Murphy's expressions are priceless! I sense this is gonna be a lot more complicated than our intrepid kitties assume.

I also see no fewer than 3 fun little detail-goodies in here.

I keep thinking of "Death to Smoochy," and how sincere it sounds when Robin Williams character says "I'm pretty fked up in general, so it's pretty hard to gauge"
I've been wondering if Jeff's death is related to the comic entitled "and knowing is half the battle."
Sign me up for public transportation like that!

Or a rideable dragon, i'd totally take a dragon mount.
This one makes me laugh hysterically every time i run across it. I think it's the little tear streaming from Neko's eye that really sells it. I think I'd feel bad for Neko if he weren't into torturing kitties/people himself
is the hot dog god fearing open a portal to the Dungeon Dimensions?
That is simultaneously horribly wrong and freaking hilarious. It's also something my kid shall not see just yet...

And congrats on the new (painfully adorable) family member! I hope everyone gets along :)
I remember that! I think a character makes reference to it. I love your style, and i love watching it improve as i reread the archive. I'm just having trouble visually parsing more than 2 paws, which may just be my eyes playing tricks on me.

I'll stay tuned for more details as they come
Oh dear. *checks archive against vote bait*

All her paws are white in the archive....

Imagine how many clocks that could power!
"No, we are not going to rechristen the enterprise as the 'SS Monkey Business'"

The expression in panel 2 is so tragic and adorable, despite the tone and text around it
I suppose one can only duck fate for so long.

(And thankee for responding, btw, i can't always track the characters from the b&w era)
Is that Sarah? Oh, man, that's funny in a totally un-funny/sad way :(
It can be smoked, i tried it once before.

Boredom produces odd results...