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hey, not much to say but i always wanted to put up a online comic and this site seems to be the place to do it!^^ I hope all of you enjoy any of my comics and so wish me luck.
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My, she's reluntant. I would have given in by now so I give her promps but she shouldn't starve herself...

Gotta love this comic...
Come on Bernadette!! You can over come this!!!
Oh noz!!! Poor Todd!T_T
OMG! This is the first time I managed to get first comment!XD
And on the start of a new comic strip! Hmm, it already seems exiciting!

Also a late congrats on joining MangaMagazine! You deserve it!^_^
man, she's even anticipating on it!XD how evil! i love her!!XD
Yay!!! You updated!^-^ Oh, I hope Ed wont stay paranoid about Liam's height and that's the same old Laim except taller and more mature. It really is a sweet moment.....

I wonder when Mrs. Dove is gonna jump out from now and when?!!>_>'
I would probably freak out just like her... eh but i think i could be nicer with my words, she's not the only 'monster' in the room....
Whoa! How tall is Liam now?
Edmund with a beard? Huh, if he wasn't a master of the Dove house that would have suited him perfectly.

Liam is simply dashing!^.^
This is an 'uh oh' moment.^_^' I would run.
This is amazing!^_^ I must fav!
AWESOMEST PICTURE EVER!!XD These characters are amazingly good and I bet their personalities are currently showing too!^.^ A lot of male pairings, just the way I like it!

Can't wait till you officially start back and I have no problem with you inking!
poor Carmilo!^^
Stork look adorible in the fourth panel!^^
The commander is so awesome!XD
The ponytail again
Poor Link!XD Actucally; just to bring up the subject again, theres real Zelda manga out there made by the creators on and Link doesn't have a ponytail when hes ten; atleast I don't think, but after the 7 year time skip, around the time he fights Volvagia they show him without his cap and he has a small ponytail. Just to let everyone know that!^^ You can go cheak it out if you want to. A lot of thing are different from the game but it explains everything from what really happened to Link's parents to why Nabooru attack Link at the Gerudo Fortress. Yes, the Gerudo gaurd you fight thats wearing the red is Nabooru; they'll explain it.!!^^ Love your comic!!
oh i hate those crane games!>.< i never winXD
-faints from extreme cuteness- this is the first comment i've ever posted on this site and i'm hornered to put it on this comic because it rockx!!XD aahhh!!!^^ i think papa looks so cute blushing and i think mama s so cool now!!