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I have a Majestic Heart, But Known as Rita/RiRi/Becca
If Dessert was Personified with an EDGY Touch.Computer Graphics and Web Designer, Artist, Otaku, Youtuber, Christian, Introvert, Mangaka; A dessert piece with a hint of Edge. Free Hugs! ^_^ <3 I like to get my Little hands on Cute Super Kawaii Things.
Survived High school and the Apocalypse, Ready to show the world just how Majestic I can be. :)
September 24th, 2015
@TheLazyBassist: Thanks so much! I'm glad to be back! ^_^ I haven't heard of Ai Yazawa, but now that I've googled it, she's the one who has made NANA as you've said, yes? I haven't read much of it or seen the anime, I've got to the part when the two girls move into an apartment that needed work. Is the similarity of my work story wise? or viewing wise? But thank you! I get a lot of author relations, and you're right! Being aware is what I should do. lol
September 18th, 2015
I'm getting back into it now, I've been super busy since I have two jobs now, but I'm trying to take whatever free time I have and do what I love! I hope that you enjoy these next couple of pages over the next two weeks! :)
August 22nd, 2015
Let's Get Started! :D
Her best friend leaves her in debt and without a roommate at the worst possible time! When she gets laid off from her job, Julia finds herself thinking about giving up on life. But just as those dark thoughts creep unto her mind, A tall stranger gives her a chance to change all of that! On one condition of course. :)
August 22nd, 2015
Hi (^_^)/
I'm so glad that I'm starting this back up! It took forever to get this going again because I burnt out about rushing through this the first time. So I'm taking my time at this moment and see how this turns out! Enjoy! :D
Yay! more pages! and I'm glad that everything is sorted out now! :D Congrats to those two!
Omg, YAYY!! ^_^