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Im a college student right now, I live in Michigan, and I draw stuff.
I really like this so far, cant wait for more.
Bunny slipper to the face!
So thats the intro! Everything will actually start making sense, starting... now...
This page is narrated by Greg who will be appearing soon. Several characters will be taking the 'spotlight' so to speak, Greg is the first to be focused on.
Page 1
Hurrah! Page 1 featuring some girl fighting some thing at the park. Who is she? Whats going on? Seems like manga always leaves you in the dark at the start of the story, confused and wondering whats going on.
I enjoyed reading your comic, its too bad youre kind of stuck on it though. Your drawing has improved a lot, it looks really good now.
September 5th, 2008
weird... Where do you work? Seems like a strange place.
yay slack off at work
September 5th, 2008
haha this is hilarious!
AFI, I recognized it right away, nice!
I like the text there, its very true if everyone was more honest things would be much easier.
November 21st, 2007
Hey, your comic looks good so far. The story seems cool too, but you might want to think about showing a little more detail in the combat to help us see whats going on. Like maybe showing the person whos attacking and the person whos getting hit.
I like your art here and it looks like it will be an interesting story. So I faved ya.
This really caught my interest, Ill check back for more.