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I make Inhibit! I'm pretty great.
November 16th, 2017
dies over this page for the fifth time
September 21st, 2017
this page is incredible
Our final guest illustration of the hiatus comes from Fred Cassar, creator of Nocturne! Nocturne is a super fun comic about fighting monsters with music and I'm in love with Fred's dynamic art style, definitely go check it out if you aren't already reading it (i did a little guest illustration for it too a few days ago hehehe). You can also find Fred on Twitter!

That's the end of this round of guest art! Chapter 4 starts next Wednesday! I am SO excited. The first three pages are already up on Patreon so check that out if you want early access! See you sooooooon
Today's guest art comes from illustrator Emily Madly! It's no secret that I love a good old-fashioned pokemon AU and Emily did me proud with this piece (that magikarp is incredible). You can check out Emily's art and comics on their Twitter, and support their art on Patreon!

Chapter 4 is currently underway on Patreon! Two weeks til updates resume here on the main site!
August 31st, 2017
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high speechcraft

i made a mastodon account! im still getting a feel for it and im still not sure if i'll be using it that much but you can follow me if you want! smackjeeves wont let me link to my account for some reason so click here, there's a link to my mastodon on this tweet. (i'm also an enormous conlang nerd and made an account on the esperanto instance specifically for esperanto tweets so... follow me there if you want........ esperanto........)
it's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

reminder that sid uses they pronouns

pencils for my new 12 page comic are now up on patreon for $2+ patrons! i'm having a blast drawing this thing, check it out
the master of subtlety

btw the script/thumbs for a separate 12 page comic i'm working on and a 27 page pdf of my sketchbook from october just went up on patreon! check it out
why cant you follow my very simple instructions i could NOT be clearer

don't forget you can see pages a week early on patreon for just $1 a month!! it's a super great way to support me, and earning more on patreon means i can spend less time working on freelance stuff and focus on what's really important: inhibit.
August 10th, 2017
@martyrex: consider that not everyone has had the same life experiences as you and that things like suicide and forced hospitalisation can be upsetting to read about if you're not expecting it. just because trigger warnings dont apply to or benefit you, doesnt mean the same for someone else.
August 3rd, 2017
my boy is doing such a good job
Today's beautiful illustration comes from San, creator of the webcomic Your Worst Nightmare! If you feel like treating your eyeballs, please check it out; it's one of the most luscious and beautifully drawn comics I've ever read. Every panel is as lovely as this and it's just such a treat to look at. You can also find San on Twitter and support her art on Patreon!

If you're interested in peering behind the curtain, I put up a wee FAQ over on Inhibit's Webtoon mirror! The important FAQs are also on the About page but this one has drawings of me looking like a goblin, so. Like,

Also, I'm gonna have a table at Megacon in Carlisle this weekend! Come say hi!
*teleports somewhere where im under a blanket and im getting yelled at*

unfortunately, due to recent comments made on twitter by the festival staff, i will no longer be tabling at LICAF this weekend. i'm very sorry if you were planning on stopping by! i don't have any other conventions planned for this year, so if you want to pick something up my online shop is now open again! <3 i haven't had time to photograph my new stickers as i didn't expect to be reopening the shop so soon, but i'll put up photos as soon as i can today. original ink drawings will be going up too so keep an eye out!
Today's incredible guest comic is from Spire Eaton, creator of one of my favourite webcomics, Recoil! If you like comics about kids with superpowers having a bad time, definitely check it out; Spire is the king of good faces and great perspective and gorgeous colours and can you tell I love his art yet. You can also find Spire and his work on Twitter and Tumblr!
i got so much lovely gift art for my birthday last week, i want to show it all off: x x x x x x thank you so much!!!

also by the way, i recently started listening a podcast called The Bright Sessions and holy shit honestly if you're enjoying inhibit you should check it out, it's very good. i need to start a list of If You Enjoy Inhibit, You'll Enjoy ____; Recoil and Soil That Binds Us are also both definitely on that list
okay so oh my god thought bubble was absolutely fantastic. thank you SO much to everyone who came by our table, it was awesome to meet you and i had the best time!!!! im so excited for next year!!!!!! my last con of the year is going to be LICAF in Kendal in three weeks, i'll reopen the shop with leftover books and merch once i'm back!

also.. it's my birthday on Friday....... one day an update day will land on my bday............ okay I looked it up, come back in 2021 (my heart was struck with true fear at the thought of still working on this comic in the year 2021AD. but it's probably gonna happen)
Today's guest art comes from Steff Murray, who makes the scifi/fantasy comic Endless Skies! Every time she draws something, I spend a good half hour drooling over the lighting so this was the perfect picture to receive. You can find Steff and her gorgeous art on Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt! (Also it's her birthday this Saturday so be sure to wish her a happy birthday!!)

<h2>~ Chapter 4 has now begun over on Patreon! ~</h2> For as little as $1 a month, you get access to early updates (higher pledges include page pencils, weekly diary comics, and monthly sketchbooks!). The next chapter will start here on the main site on September 20th.

Also also, I have a new zine up for preorder! This one is a collection of drawings about my experiences with dysphoria. If you'd like to preorder it but want to pick it up at either Thought Bubble or LICAF 2017 so you don't have to pay for shipping, just paypal $5 to with your name, the con you want to collect it at, and the word "preorder" and I'll have it ready for you! Buy it here!
This was a special triple update! If you missed the start of the chapter, click here to go back to the first page!!

Chapter 4 begins! Thanks so much for your patience over the hiatus and a HUGE thank you to the amazing artists who were kind enough to do guest art for me. I'm pumped to finally start the story up again!

FIRST OF ALL, CHECK OUT INHIBIT'S SICK NEW LOGO???? It was designed by the supremely talented Spire Eaton of Recoil fame; as well as being an incredible webcomic creator, he is also an incredible graphic designer. If you're wanting any logos made, either for a project or maybe even for companies within your stories, I really recommend commissioning him, he was an absolute dream to work with.

Secondly, if you're going to Thought Bubble this weekend, be sure to swing by table 136 in the Millennium Square Marquee and say hi to me and Capp, the artist for Shaderunners! I'll have a bunch of art books, stickers, a collection of three years' worth of hourly comics, my new dysphoria zine, and some original ink drawings! :V I'll also have some small Inhibit stickers and postcards if you want some good good good good merch. idk, you're your own person, i dunno what you want. See you there!!!

ALSO the first two chapters have been completely relettered!! That means I went back and updated all the speech bubbles so they'd be beautiful and easier to read. The dialogue is the exact same, don't worry! If you want to go back and reread the comic before this chapter gets started, now you can do so in style~~~ If you've pledged $2 or more to my patreon, you can check out a PDF of old vs new page comparisons for Chapter 1 here and for Chapter 2 here!

Ummmmm what else, I redrew the little promotional banner things below this caption. The things that say "vote for whatever" and "support this blah blah" yeah. So that's new? NICE!

That was a lot of text, thanks for reading, I'm so excited to start updating again!!!! LET'S GO!!!!