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I make Inhibit! I'm pretty great.
i'm going to cry i love these kids!!!
are you ready for some fuckening laser tag
anne: i totally got the better of that exchange
October 10th, 2018
have you ever done these "get everyone over the wall" teamwork exercises???? they SUCK
oh BOY!

if you're in edinburgh this sunday, be sure to come to ECAF at Out Of The Blue Drill Hall! it's just off leith walk, it's probably going to be fucking freezing, take pity on us and buy our comics. i'll be tabling with alex assan of shaderunners so come say hi!
if you watch yourself get an injection you're chaotic evil
when i was a kid i wanted braces real bad because i thought they looked really cool and then i got braces and realised i was an idiot

hey im MOVING SOON!!! so im having a weeklong sale over at my storenvy store! if you've had your eye on anything, now's the time to buy. help me shift some stuff before the move and also help me pay for the new laptop i desperately need!

<div align="center"><h1>buy here!</h1>
(that link is clickable i promise)

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<img src=" vVioB1rjcus8o3_640.png">

once again, here's the shop link!</div>
happy halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the comment section has reactions now and that's real scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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kick her ass, masha
proof that vic has succeeded at at least one thing in his life
happy tenth of october here's the chapter's tenth page :O
it's october now. there's nothing spookier than doing an obstacle course am i right ladies
hey if you came by my table at thought bubble, thank you for coming by my table at thought bubble!!! im writing this in the past but im sure it ruled!!!!!!!!!!

hueheuhehheuh it's my birthday on saturday which means it's been nine years since i came up with these characters goddd
i promise this is the last of the new characters for this chapter.... ooooft.........

hey im gonna be at THOUGHT BUBBLE this weekend!!!!!!!!! thought bubble is my favourite con and im so excited. im going to be tabling with my eternal tablemate alex assan, artist for shaderunners, which you should definitely be reading if you aren't already. you can catch us at table 31 in victoria hall! that's easy to remember, because victoria is like victor and 31 is how many years this comic will take to draw. i'll have all my new stuff -- copies of the first issue of deadinburgh, my inhibit sketch zine, some prints, my 2018 hourlies, and my BRAND NEW COMIC orange plates!! it's about being gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come buy it

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to be absolutely clear: masha is trans. so is david. and roslyn. and toby. and noor. and other characters.
It's page 5... of Chapter 5......... on the 5th... wow

i made some promo posts on twitter and tumblr about the comic! if you're enjoying inhibit, spreading the word is a super great way to support it for free - you can either retweet or reblog the promos here! thank you!

<div align="center"><img src=" yFcbY1rjcus8o1_540.gif"></div>

also, if you missed it - i put my brand new comic ORANGE PLATES up for sale! it's a 24-page comic exploring isolation and queer identity. i already try to be sincere with the comics i make but this is the most sincere thing ive ever made and i'm super proud of it, i'm so excited that people finally get to read it. you can buy it as a PDF on gumroad, buy a physical copy on storenvy, or wait til thought bubble where i'll have printed copies available (i'll be in victoria hall, table 31!)
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god........... he's so small........... he's so tiny..........................
This was a two page update!!! Be sure to click back to see the first page!

Chapter 5, here we go!! Thank you again to all the wonderful artists who did guest pieces for the break! If you missed it, be sure to go back (or find the list in the archive) and give them all a follow! If you missed the reader questions that also went up, you can find those on the extras page!

Thank you so much for your patience over the break; I handed in my dissertation comic for my masters degree, titled Orange Plates, last Friday, and this coming Friday is my degree show, I'm super pumped. Copies will be available at cons, starting with Thought Bubble in September!

This chapter is going to be a lot of fun, I'm excited to get going. Hope you like small tiny babies.