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Well, hello everyone. I like and do way to much stuff to fit it all into this without it being a huge long paragraph. So to shorten it down... here's what I do: Stuff. And here's what I like: Things.

Alright, alright. I am an artist and an aspiring animator/comic maker. I also do other activities but those don't matter.

Right now I am in a huge Kirby mood. Aha. Along with Professor Layton and a few other games. I've been a Kirby fan for a long time now. ((and you are yet to get Return to Dreamland. -angrily shakes fist- )) Um... if you want to know more just feel free to ask! I don't bite!

I guess that's all for now.
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@Time Shadow: It was revealed at the very end of chapter 18 "Wallis and Purple"
@MegaFlixer Tembox: Pretty sure it's supposed to be a bouquet of flowers
@Luna534: I pointed it out earlier but yea! It just makes me happy noticing that.
@ghfabjh: same

@Comic: I noticed, Assistant is wearing her hat!
@SeaHay: He's had that outfit since the beginning of the comic
@Alder613: Actually. That is an account that Ulti made. So in truth. It is Etam.
@NGamerS31: He's a character in Ulti's comic. Technically the bad guy that appears in one segment each chapter. I think.. I don't quite remember.
@Rebecca: Well, Kabula is a blimp in Kirby's Dreamland.
Aha.. yeah...
@DaBrokor: Kabula is actually a girl I think?
"Well... that was a thing."
Hey! I say that a lot!
Introducing Mabel (Purple), Fira (Grey), and Neena (Yellow)
I almost named Mabel, Melody. Which I might yet do.
Hey, this comic actually took some effort, Riku. I mean your rant destroyed part of the bar between panels and the floor in the next panel!
And I want to put something up considering I don't have the other sprites done.
@GraciaWarrior: Who knows. Most likely off screen somewhere.
You know, I never really thought about that till now.
Those text bubbles look nicer. I guess they're more boxes than bubbles but you get what I mean.
And hey! The font stayed the same the entire comic... except for my laughter in the final panel. Woo~
I better get to work on the other characters...
Note to self, make the font a bit bigger next comic.
Jeez Riku no need to get all worked up. I'll just introduce you here.
That greyish kirby there is named Riku, and the brown one is KitKat, a.k.a. the author.

I'll be honest, I stole the name Riku, from my Lopunny on my Pearl Nuzlocke. Because I like that name.
I'll try my best to update. No promises though.