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The 'crisp five dollar bill' bit made me laugh aha. Although nice new money is always strangely way nicer than the same exact bill, just old.

I can't even imagine what it'd be like trying to set up a one-religion wedding, let alone a wedding incorporating 3!
I love buying things for people, but I hate trying to pick something out for them. Lately people close to me have just been sending me links to things they want and just ask me to choose one to buy for them aha.

What was on the shirt you gave Brad?
People who give good hugs are gifts to this world I swear.

I'm kinda like you though, I don't like people touching me unless they're very close to me. Crowds are hell, haha.
I think the same thing happens to people who were bullied by peers as children, although probably not on such a grand scale unless it was really serious (like physical things).

I was bullied verbally pretty badly as a kid, and it personally makes it really hard for me to take a compliment because I feel like they're probably mocking me, even though I know that that was years and years ago and not all people are quite so petty as that. I've known people who act similarly, and it's super shitty. People don't seem to realize that doing anything to a kid, lest it be hitting them, insulting them, talking down to them, etc. can stick with them for years and years.

I'm sorry for what your step-mom did, but I'm glad you have people who understand in your life like Brad and your family.
Bahh poor Miriam! I'm all for her punching that douche in the balls.

It makes me really nervous to walk down streets/go places by myself hearing stories like this, I hope douchey-coworker gets the hint and lays the fuck off.
I wish I was like Miriam and didn't scream when I get scared bahh

You're a lot braver than I am, I'd never have set foot into a haunted house no matter how much I was pressured into it.
I'm really bad with names and remembering faces myself, so I usually just avoid using names at all until someone else calls the person I'm talking to by name.
This guy sounds like a total tool. People who say shit like that really need to be hit over the head with a brick or something.
I keep meaning to comment more but I keep forgetting.

That's really nice of Brad, having a working laptop is awesome. It'd like to one day have enough money to do that kind of stuff for other people.
As messed up as that was, it was still really awesome of you to take care of Connor like that. At least he had someone looking out for him when he was little!

Also, especially after this comic, I can safely say that I don't think I will ever want children. Ick.
I think if I had cockroaches living in my microwave I'd probably have to burn the house down. I'm sort of squeamish about food-related things.
August 25th, 2014
I probably should've paced myself but I read it all at once instead.

This is the cutest comic ever aahhh. I'm looking forward to more!