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A terrible person, appearnetly. (Written Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 9:50pm own time.)

WTF? I'm STILL a bad person! (Written nearly a year after the above.)
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The enemy bows!
T_T All of you who know me... Answer this:
Does it seem like, since a few n00bs came to SJ and started SPAMing with many terrible/duplicate comics, then inviting their n00b friends and such, that this place is no longer a community? This has gotten lots of people banned, weither they were trying to be a complete dick and give NO helpful points.
I was thinking more like Earth, but okay.
Yeah, I think Cain DOES have every right to yell.

"\ It IS kinda hard to see... <.<

EDIT: I like just this little bit of Cain's wings we can see; gonna have to keep that look in mind.
Hentai's basically, as Shard said, "adult manga", which also means Japanese porn.
I think so, too, now.
I can't tell if Cain did something or if they both ran into the sword ends.
Cain's like, "OH SHIT!"

:/ This is ironic, two people I know of (excluding Cain) have died in the past two weeks. ;-; ... XD Doesn't mean much, considering they were all Sonic based fan characters. :\ But it's kinda ironic how one of them was decapitated by a sword... xD
He could still finger and footy them.

...And I guess ear, quill, and nose 'em. <.<
Indeed, she did move away.

And have you considered changing Cain's mother's eye color? It's hard to see.
1. Cain's the same age as my most prized fan character;
2. Amy's like, 12, unless you screwed with that as well;
3. The mole thing could just be me;
4. Is it me or do I sometimes talk like they did years and years years and years years and years years and years years and years ago?;
5. *SPLODE!*
Panel 5 FTW
This was a good one.
Um, isn't a lich a plant? XD