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i'm gay and i like food
New Schedule
Unfortunately I need to start only updating once a week for like, the next few weeks. It'll be a Friday update schedule.
I recently got a new full time job and it was so sudden that it kinda messed me up with updates and keeping up with buffer pages, haha. So I'm going to finish up this chapter, which only has a few more pages anyway. After that, I'll be taking a hiatus of a couple months to help a close friend of mine with a pretty hefty project of his. It's going to be demanding a LOT of my attention until we get his project out. Then this will resume with, hopefully, a two update/week schedule. The art quality will also be a lot better, I promise!
I got kinda lazy with this page, sorry. u_u
Changed the way I'll be doing backgrounds/characters slightly.
I'll probably edit the older pages when I get some downtime, but...we'll see.
Sorry there wasn't an update last week - last week was a bit stressful for me, ha.
Oh my gosh! It's so lovely! Totally my new phone background, too! <3 Thank you very much Secret Santa, I love it!