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Hey there SJ, been actually around for a while but decided to make this account to keep track of my faves.
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I have a theory that she is a female clone of him. She has his gender bender name, his looks, his powers.

That'd be a hilarious twist.
It breaks my heart to see Jeff and Jeremy fight like this
But like... doesn't Ket literally read minds all the time? Seems a bit unfair.
Shouldn't the universe implode by them just being together?
@Whop (mobile): But if the author trusts him, can't he be trusted?
So it IS a guy. Geeze, this has been a rollercoaster.
CHAOS CON-- oh... it's already been said.
I'm dying.
Jason doesn't like that Ult took his place in AvH.
I wonder what he did that Papa Ket can't forgive...
So is he really not gonna look for DT?
So is Tenor a race or a clan?
"C'mon! Let's--" BANG!

"... Well, that's what I was gonna say anyways."
Tie to kick back!