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Your drawings are so adorable! I can't help smiling when I see them.
March 16th, 2015
I'm always happy when I see new pages!
*heart rate accelerates*
Love the teacher's expression. He is so done.
Well done, Hiro! I'm sure you've put Takashi's mind at ease now.
Oh Hiro, what did you get yourself into? Hope you like being tied up! But that little "s-sorry" - I think you might be a natural.
January 27th, 2015
Riley has completely lost it. It's sad and scary at the same time.
January 27th, 2015
It looks lovely. Rest and eat well-deserved waffles.
So excited! And look at all those beautiful faces!
I suspected it might end like this. I thought it was lovely. Gorgeous artwork and a bittersweet ending.
Oh Hiro, you need someone else to tie those ropes. Well I could guess he would handle this awkwardly, but I'm dying to know how Takashi will respond.
Take care of yourself. Your health is more important.
Well, I've no idea what's going on, but this is so pretty I don't care. Your drawings are evocative and intriguing.
Is Owen about to enter with apology pizza? Owen is such an ass, and yet at other times he can be quite sweet, which I guess is why he isn't living in isolation. He's more complex than he seems at first. And my god I love the way you draw Avery's hair. It has its own personality. It could have its own show.
That is beautiful. He looks ethereal.
Damn phones.
hmmm, curious. Who is this fellow?
December 6th, 2014
You've done a great job at creating a sense of dread. Every time I see this is updated, I'm a bit anxious about what I will find. Something is soooo off, and it makes me nervous. I like the sketchy style, too, which seems so innocent and carefree, in contrast to the story.
That's kind of a sultry look in the last panel. What is this guy's name? I feel kind of odd not knowing.
@raziesgirl: I don't think Naoru's mad. When you're a prostitute I imagine your own pleasure isn't of much interest to the client. I haven't seen any sign that Naoru thinks of him as anything but a customer.