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Sehn and Onicell are best friends who enjoy creating stories and artwork together.

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Last page of Abador's flashback, and the end of the snapshots! We hope you enjoyed them!

Unfortunately, Watch Out will be on hiatus until April while we work on Book 2. Thank You for reading our comic!!!
Page 1 of Abador's second flashback!
This is Abador's teacher, Master Bavaro : )
@youngsparky: Fair warning, this comic will cause intense feels. Even I wonder why I make myself cry. But I can promise it will be worth the pain in the end!
Lucci's second flashback. BABY LUCCI! and his mother Regina. I love designing Regina's outfits : 3
@ZitroneAaron42: To be honest, neither do I!
Mimsy's mother makes another appearance.
Mimsy: The poster child for health and fitness
@youngsparky: Yeah :( Unfortunately Paul did not have a healthy upbringing. And it was in fact his teacher.
Meet Paul's parents : )
page 1 of Paul's flashback. He's in 4th grade.
Hope you liked Brian's flashback!
Second Brian Flashback! Featuring Brian's Grandfather and Brian as an adorable child. : )
Happy Thanksgiving!
And so he was known throughout the land for his sandwiches... and murder.
@Time Tame: I'm glad you liked chapter 9, it's my favorite chapter so far honestly because of all the stuff you mentioned.
Yeah he is, he's having a hard time admitting the truth to himself...
New Update Schedule
Reminder, from this week onwards we will be updating on Thursdays only. Thanks!
Ababor and Mimsy's flashback snapshot!
@d0Oom: Thanks! Yep, I finally got the awesome Pentel pocket brush pen. It's really nice for inking and lots of comic illustrators use it. I got mine at Utrecht, but they have it on amazon though and tons of sites. : )
@aniknights: Yep! These are all flashbacks from their past : ) Thanks for reading!