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Meh maybe later
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Exactly XD
Hope he didn't get hurt too badly.
Wouldn't want to see his fluffy fur get messed up........ (:
She looks really fluffy. I wanna poke her......
That's really rude of people to do that
Cute little fluffy Gengar sleeping <3
Very true
Srry I haven't drawn anything yet cuz I'm sick ):
Yay! Btw great comic I must say.
Is it okay if I do cameo? //epic face
Just a random Pokemon but she's erm... Interesting.
If she weren't a Pokemon she'd probably be about say... 15 or 16. She's a Bulbasaur named Ivy. She was found as an egg and raised by a strange Haxorus who went missing.
She has no known family or friends yet.
If you can't you do not have to put her in the comic, but if you do, you can do whatever you want in the storyline with her. She can barf and Oran berry, marry a pile of poo, or explode into a thousand pieces for all I care.

Also; Plants vs Zombies is cool. I beat da game 3 times :3

And a random thought; is it just me or are Dialga and Palkia very cute? Giratina too <3
Keldeo? An agent of Victini?
Mjoern Haha I'm not sure about that.... But ya could be right.

Meta knight is cool.
My cats are the nice kind :3
Hey dun call ur cat dat! :U
I dun like dis cussing
But of course I furgives y'all.
Humph nvm this comic...... a bit too weird.....
Panel four reminds me of enderman..... <3
But dawn has such awesome style when it comes to clothing!
But snails are cute!!!! I always name em Gary, My bro always wants to name everything I find Jeff......
I have lots of Pokemon mystery dungeon dreams.... I hate Gates to infinity tho.
Then I do not wanna see the thoughts you have.