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Kevin The Kirby
I am a fan of stuff like Kirby Mario Pokemon Sonic etc I like to draw and im a huge fan of anime
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I feel really bad for Zan........oh and on that note Ness is the best.
Kevin The Kirby
September 19th, 2014
I felt the feels.....until I saw meta-knights godbye
poor Kirby....
I think someone should notify him that his ingredients just left....
I feel this has something to do with a waddle dee family......
That mission is definetly the hardest one they've ever faced they might need Kirby for this one.....
I wonder what meta knight did.....
Meta knight always saves explanations for another time but I agree with Galactia Knight EXPLAIN IT NOW META
It's definetly going to be a awesome ending I can feel it
Well Gordons in a tuff situation
Meta knight will definetly be their and YEAH!!!! for ssbb4
That chilly can just make a bowl of chilli so he needs to chill out I had to XD
@Guest: Then why are you reading it?
Did Larry get a little more sad or is it just me?
Did Turbo know this was going to happen? The Suspense!!!!!
I hope Valoo isn't sleeping
Me too Kirby me too......
Meta Knight to the rescue
Luigi in ssbb anyone?