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Jezus Christo don't start crying at work don't start crying at work don't start crying at work aaaaahh... dammit...
So cuuute!
I love that he's still wearing the gloves Joa got him~ I love that all they do is say hi and then it's hug attack time. I love that it's kind of like the week we waited for the next pages was the week Dylan was visiting his family. I just love this ;0;
Also, I saw very recently the drama on your tumblr and I just wanted to take the time to apologize to you for that. Tumblr can be a great place filled with the best people in the world, but it can also be filled with the worst people too, and I've often unfortunately seen this in certain sects of the LGBT groups on tumblr.

Unfortunately there are some people both straight or otherwise who cannot help but put sexuality into tiny defined boxes and can't understand someone like myself who is pretty much straight but in love with a woman.

So the main reason I bring this up is to say that first of all, you are obviously not a homophobe for your portrayal of Joa and Dylan's relationship just because this one jerk said you were.
Secondly, I know you're not a homophobe because relationships like this do exist. Like I said above, I consider myself to be straight. I like to draw sexy girls, but I'm not usually attracted to them. I have a girlfriend though that I love and am attracted to in other ways (and eventually I've gotten to where I have BECOME attracted to her sexually, but I have never been able to get that way with any other women).

Just please keep doing what you're doing and just do you, boo. My girlfriend and I both love this comic and we see a lot of ourselves in Joa and Dylan.
@dizz-zy: I think that's supposed to be a lighting effect from the computer screen.
Joa: ..... Give me a minute, I'll be there before you know it.

Dylan: ... How in the world are you getting here?

Joa: *runs*
Poor Dylan still obviously having a few reservations. I imagine him thinking something along the lines of "I could have been in a normal relationship with her, but now it's too late..." while also liking Joa a lot. Either way it's still pretty difficult seeing someone you like(d) being with a close friend. Which means they're there to unintentionally throw it in your face.
@Coggler: Yeah, me too... Getting fans isn't easy!
Haha I took a chance to check our you comic even though it has no banner and I'm glad I did!
Kind of unrelated to this particular page, but I have a strong feeling that Dylan would be a fan of Starbomb XD (strong language)
Joa kind of makes me think of Wallace from Scott Pilgrim and how he became friends with Scott. He asked him one question while at their university and Wallace just started appearing at his house and wouldn't leave him alone.
Kind of surprising that mister social Joa would complain and have to get some fresh air because it's too noisy and crowded!
Aww that's really actually sweet :) I'm glad she didn't go into bitch mode and decide she suddenly wants him now.

Have fun!
@Quadrant: I know I'm kind of late to the discussion but whatevs.

You're lucky you even got a proper sex education to begin with. I live in the deep South and my sex education consisted of abstinence only education. They told us not to use condoms because they don't work all the time and that abortions were bad in all circumstances (even in cases of rape, fatal fetal defect, and possible death of the mother), and they showed us slides of people with AIDs and genital warts.

Not surprising that a third of my class dropped out in high school from pregnancy.
I just joined this site because of your comic! I caught up on everything today and I can't wait to read more!