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New page finally! I've not been up to date right now because of how horribly my laptop is, but I've ordered pieces for a new PC so once those get there and I build it, I'll be good to go!
Finally an update and sorry about the delay! I'm currently balancing out working on new projects as well as this one and trying to create a backlog of work so I don't have to worry about not getting work done on time!
Doggo doesn't look as cute as he did before!
Sorry about the lack of updates last week! My mother came to visit, and I haven't seen her for two years so as you can imagine, my time was taken up by this. We're back on schedule though!

Sorry this took so long to get out, guys. Seriously, photoshop and my computer just absolutely hates me. It's a sign that I really need to get a better PC soon. Maybe some day, maybe some day.
Holy new art style, Batman!

I felt a new setting would be a good excuse to touch up stuff in my coloring I wasn't too happy with. I'll probably incorporate some of this into the real world setting, but I definitely want to make a clear distinction between the real world and dream worlds.
I love my big drooly mutt :D
I know the shading might be a bit inconsistent here compared to the other pages, but I'm trying to mess around with it and improve it.
Sorry I forgot to post this on Smackjeeves!

I had a LOT of help from Tyler Kinney of Greengarten, and it really shows! This is probably my favorite page so far. Sorry it's just a splash page, but I feel like the quality shows. please check out Greengarten!
Page 10!

Felix is a noodle boy and this girl apparently cries Steven Universe tears.
Well I managed to get my shit together at the last minute and get this posted close to schedule. I was having major photoshop and tablet issues. You'll notice the last page coloring might be a bit off. I plan to go back and fix that later, but I really wanted to make sure it got out today.

Anyways, bad kitty!
Thanks to Shazzbaa from Tapastic for help with some critique on my last page :D The sign post was fixed for this panel and I plan to go back to my older pages (eventually) in order to fix up some stuff. That won't happen until much later though.
And we're finally here!

What a strange place Felix has found himself...
Sleepy drooly Felix is pretty adorable if I do say so myself. I imagine that nose of his makes him a very noisy sleeper XD
I'm posting 3 pages today so make sure to check them all out!

I had a lot of fun with Felix's room. I think it gives you a good idea of his personality without really saying much yet :3
Meet Crissy, Felix's cousin! Believe it or not, I actually really like her! The little doodle descriptions are from Felix's perspective.
@Ultimate Legacy: Ah don't worry, he's a happy dog dead or alive!
I had a feeling people would take notice of that first instead of the woman though XD
Page 3 and sorry for the delay! I ended up completely redoing some of the lineart after the fact, and that ended up taking up a lot of my time.

Also, big big thanks to JessJackDaw of Pest Caravan (Tapastic) for helping me with the posing of panel 4! That one was a bitch for me and they were a lot of help. Check out their comic!

Anyways, I rather enjoyed making this page. I'm getting better at figuring out where the shading needs to be. Panel 5 ended up looking a lot creepier than originally intended, but I dig it.

And now I'm going to bed -_-
Boom! Next Page!
I want to thank all the people (on another site) who helped me with some tips on color and shading. I think this page is miles better from the first. I almost want to go back and adjust the first page, but I'll do that some time when I'm not focusing on my current pages.

Also, introducing March. And... girl.
Comic Start!
Updating every Monday and Thursday for the time being and see how that goes. Maybe I'll get a viewer or two? I hope so 0w0
Jezus Christo don't start crying at work don't start crying at work don't start crying at work aaaaahh... dammit...