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I'm a twenty-eight-year old freelance artist who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in South Africa, moved to Australia when I was five, and lived there for thirteen years until I turned seventeen. I moved down to The United States of America and lived there for five years before returning to Australia at age twenty-two.

More commission information can be found here:

I do everything from anime-chibi characters to real-life portraits from photo references, and at very reasonable prices.

I wouldn't really say that my art has any influences in particular, except that I've sort of blended my own personal style with many, MANY others (without realizing it O o ) to give it the unique, atypical anime/manga flavor it has.

I wouldn't say Tetsuya Nomura is an influence either, but I love his stuff and people have said that my art is like his, so maybe I've been influenced by him on a subconscious level? ^^; I do LOVE Final Fantasy and his character designs, soo... yes.

But anyway! I look forward to meeting new customers and friends here in Smack Jeeves!
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Man, I sooo love the style of this manga. The panels, the artwork, eeeeh. <3
My PATREON page:

My DeviantART page:
My PATREON page:

My DeviantART page:
March 20th, 2010
How depressing. Poor kids. ):
Yaaaaaaay! I like this page. :) Except the serum doesn't really look like liquid. No biggy.
March 10th, 2010
Wow, great few pages those last ones. :) Can't wait for more.
Next update. The only panel I like is the last one. Krice looks semi-decent. xD;

Anyway, the flashback is finishing on the last panel, which is signified for now by the barcody fade. Think of the way that Desmond gets knocked out of Ezio when he's leaving the Animus in Assassin's Creed: it gets all grungy and barcody as such >>. I'm working on making it look better and more obvious. >>
Yay! Another update. :)
February 21st, 2010
Just started reading and I like enough to leave a comment already. Great art. Story's a little fragmented at this stage (obviously xD) but it's so interesting.
YAY, Another update, FINALLY. Hopefully, the ball will keep rolling. I tried out for Australia's Got Talent, so here's hoping I get to the television round. Waiting on AGT headquarters to see if I'll be picked. I hope so!

Anyway, so I've got that to work on and a job but things are relatively levelled out for now.

Sorry for the long wait, guys. Again, I'd like to extend my huge thanks to those of you who have stuck by me from the very beginning, even through the long periods of no updates. It means so much.
Redrew the WHOLE thing since the old one was bothering me.

There's a new Silver too, and possibly a new Virus is on the way. Maybe a new Solitary. >>; You know, whatever. D:
The boys pretty much explained everything. I wanted to make an image explaining my situation rather than writing it in a news post or journal, since I'm not too sure that people read those. >>; At least, not everyone does.

I figured this was a more effective way to get my message across.

Tactic's my favourite in this page, then Silver. All in all, it was really fun to draw. It took roughly seven hours all up.

Narsis, Silver, Virus, Tactic, Link (The Warehouse) © TARA-LYNN SHARROCK
Oh dang. Last page. Well my fellow comic/manga friend, this is some impressive stuff. ;D Can't wait for more.
Oh dude. I'm definitely faving this. It's very exciting. 8D
Yeah, dude. O: Who would have guessed he'd have a hover board? Cool stuff. xD
Ooooooh, looks intriguing. Your panels are so crisp and clean. :)
I like this page too, even if the phone Jim is holding and his hand are completely crappy. lol

Anyway, I know this page will probably leave you guys with lots of questions but please be aware that you will find out things as you read on. I'm not just throwing in random nonsense without planning to reveal the answers down the line. :)

Hopefully it all isn't confusing. Jim is still talking to the woman on the phone, and you can which speech bubbles are hers because they have a three pixel border. 1 pixel black, 1 pixel white, then 1 pixel black. Hope that makes sense. It's like a triple border. Anyway. That border will always signify that the words spoken are on the phone. Yep.

Now, back to commissions!
Wooooow, you have such amazing artwork!
I like this page. It went by relatively quickly, too. Last one is probably still my favourite so far, but this one's nice and clean and yeah. The layout's different too, which can always be good. :)

Also, the double-pixel speech bubble is annotated to phone calls. So Jim and the female are speaking on le phone to one another. :)
Oh bugger. Just like everyone else, I wanna know what happens. lol D: Bah.