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Artist, hobbyist photographer, nature lover, graphic designer, gamer, mother, friend.

"Its not about the subject, but how you perceive it..."
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Soul Sisters the Comic
I'm early! For real this time!

Let me know if the page comes out dark to you. I can't tell -_-
I'm early XD

Or really, really late. But I will choose to be optimistic :p
Alright, so that took far too long. The worst part is that this page has been 75% done for months.

Unfortunately my videocard decided to be very uncooperative. Graphic glitches, visual display crashes and blue screens plague my attempts to run photoshop.

I also started a new job and I have a lot less free time. Still, I am glad this page is done and will start on the next one immediately. Trying to get back into the grove of things. -_-

Sorry for the wait!
Sorry for the delay. I am entering that period of packing and moving and as such I am afraid that my upload schedule may not be as regular. Still I hope to upload pages as I can.

Thanks for understanding, reading and supporting Soul Sisters. Don't forget to vote for us on TWC!

Magic takes upon many forms; Where a man might remove a rabbit from a hat, a woman may paint tears, murder and her own unfortunate future.

While Flowers bloom from a magicians sleeve, a waitress is accosted by illusion and plots of murder.

Doctors, lawmen, caffeinated citizenry and man hunts beyond our understanding factor into the fate of two women. Unwritten history whirls to the surface. Mistakes made begin their friendship, adventure and nightmare.
I swear we are not advertising smoking!

Thanks for reading. If you are enjoying Soul Sisters, please consider voting for us
So Sorry, due to unforeseen events, the page will be delayed. "Duty" calls.

I will make sure to put out today's page ASAP!
Uploaded early since I will be out of town this weekend!
Well thats the official end of Part 1 :) Excited? I know I am! Part 2 starts this friday
I realize now how appallingly lazy this page looks.

Appologies. I will make up for it.
Since our page is late here is something to tide you over.

A quick work in progress sketch of Izzy's loft. There are more sketches to come so I will post them as stuff becomes available (and I will add all the detailing to that one)

If you are curious she bought and reworked an abandoned garage on the main road. Just on the edge of town.
A wallpaper is available of the Sisters standing at the edges of the river. Select Extras in the menu up top :)