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WOO! I'm a scorpion-mantis-thing now!
@DoryH: He's actually an AU-Plok.
...Also, the tiger looks like a Rolf.
That flying squirrel girl strikes me as possibly Korean, for some reason. Looking up names, I think Eun-hye Soung (traditionally, it would be Soung Eun-hye. I don't know what it means, but she would anglicize it as "Eva".
Stretchy girl should be Cuttlefish!

She looks kind of Asian, for some reason, so her name would be something like... Misaki Goto but her friends called her Saki after an unfortunate incident at a restaurant.
Aw snap. Moray's about to get beat, I'm thinking.
Yes, yes. That seems about right.
I think this easily breaks out of that trope.
It looks like Ruby is bulking up (or Hulking out?) a bit, and with very good reason.
Duncan has a very "1980s Saturday Morning Cartoon Comic Relief" vibe to him. He is the Ruby Nation's Orko, and I mean that in the best way.
Elise continues to be one of my favorite characters. She has a really good design and she's just so emotional. In the last panel, are those little wavy lines meant to visualize the Apex Nation's inter-connectedness?
While I read this when they first went up, I'm commenting on them backwards, and so I'm able to further remark that everyone seems extremely happy to be in the Apex Nation. I mean, yes, they're part of a technological hive-mind but it's an enjoyable hive-mind. A hive-mind you don't have to bring home to mother since mother is also part of that hive-mind.
I like the designs of the Apex Nation's battle-suits. They look like they have SHIELD Helicarriers on their backs.

The two cameos look extremely happy to be there in panel four. I'm glad being absorbed into the Apex Nation hasn't diminished their cheer.
That tree looks sort of like Warlock from "The New Mutants". If it were to be colored, I completely envision it as being black and yellow with mismatched eyes.
This is a perfect encapsulation of Perverto, really.
This brought a brief glimmer of joy to what has been an excruciating week and a half. Thank you.
I like the shout-out to OSF Galatea in the second panel. Also, that cat is remarkably calm for being trapped underwater in close quarters.
I'm getting a feeling that one of these guys isn't going to be making it back...
January 4th, 2015
@Cave Seconded. Ragna is the best.