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I'm a drifter, I drift between different things, fiddle in all areas, get a feel for everything. Jack of all trades, ace of none. But, I have a thing for the gambling scene: Aces, cards, dice, slots, lights, money, deception.

Anyway, I have two professions I'm looking at for the future, but my main ambition is to be an author. I already have several book ideas in mind, character traits, pieces of symbolism, and experience. I'm currently working on a comic I started a year or so ago, but got too lazy to finish half-way through the second episode. I'll call that my current hobby. Once I find someone who has a scanner, I'll be all set.

The idea for it is a sleeper comedy, the characters are kind of slow, you get a sleepy esque feeling about it, but it still makes you laugh. 7 people all in one school, just doing what normal teens do. Dealing with hungover teachers, enduring screaming babies at the grocery store, and picking on old people. "See No Evil, Feel No Evil" will be coming to smackjeeves this eventually. I'm still working on it... Slowly.
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hahah! oogly baby...