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That last strip was just "D'AAAAAAWWWW"
Someone got burnt.
Star Wars Reference?
Then I realized, wait no. It's not..
"Sorry about the mess."
Oh man
That blood design on the floor must have took hours to make by the killer. It's too clean ;-;
Uh oh..
I suspect Canta coming in for the kill.
@AcolyteofDaniel: Never mind, problem fixed itself.
Love the look of Leif, I wouldn't really trust Susan though..

Oh and by the way, the "Next" "Last" page buttons don't have their images and have reverted to their text only. Not to mention that the page design is blank.
A day in Leif's music
1/3 Day: Calm
3/3 Day: Handsome self appears

Atleast, that's what I think it is.
Other than that, all I can say is, the part when the skin was ripped out is kinda creepy
Okay, Maybe not.
Dang, Maybe the traitorous act is on the next page
Never expected Susan to have a good side, but then again... I should probably expect a traitorous or jerky act in the next page. :]
I see reference once again....
I think I found a reference..
"Emotional Baggage"
"Baggage" referring to Anna from Sire
"Emotional" once again referring to Anna's story and background from Sire.