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Maaaan I love this comic so much I was joyfull whe I saw your update, I understand you, but like a lot of people said, there are a lot of comics that are far more explicit than this one, so if you could update it on both patreon and smackjeeves I would be happy, maybe a censored version in smackjeeves
August 13th, 2016
@Ly: -That's right :)
Poor Hiro he doesn't have any privacy, but I love the fact that they just took his diary like it was the most normal thing on earth xDD
What? Are they really going to do their homework? xDD
June 26th, 2016
Omg look at Aiden's blush! soooo adorable <3
YES, PLEASE! I would love to see a remake <3
OMG what a cutie! Best reaction ever
OMG YAAAAS! Finally he said it
I'm pretty sure he find that "will you date me" note
Also happy early birthday! :)
August 17th, 2014
at least he tried...
PS: aki is so cute!
what a bitch! >:(