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I'm obFAL-01, and sometimes I update my webcomics. However, I'm usually busy, so have mercy on me!

"~Let me intimidate you with mediocrity~" --- Cole M. Sprouse

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Hey guys, have another early update! I'm trying to update more, so I can get to chapter 3 sooner. I miss my dudes Axel and Alex from chapter 1 :'D
@Tuxie: I'm glad yo u think it looks nice. Darn horn man; I hate his design. I should've kept him simple.
Woww look at me using an actual typeface and updating early lmao
Finally an update! lol
I don't know when I'll start this, but it'll be sometime this year. For now enjoy the cover!
@natta0202: HECK YEAH I DID! I'm glad you find it awesome lmao
@Tuxie: The tear totally completes the mood! It adds so much character to this previously bland page! The tear I S this page. lmao
I'm sorry this page is so confusing; it'll all be explained later. In the meantime, if you have any questions: holler at me!
For those of you who miss these idiots: don't worry they and their antics shall return next chapter!
(Sorry, this was a really dumb comic; I regret it. Bottom line is that Alex got a haircut)
sorry about the language guys whoops lol
@Tuxie: Thank you! I'm glad you like my meme!!
Happy Easter! Here's a meme to enjoy!
I'll update again soon!
There'll probably be another page later this week too :^)
I'll update this when I finish shading it lmao
Concerning Heinous Plots / Venomous Vindictives
I had no idea where I was going with Heinous Plots when I first started it. Then about a year ago I figured out what I was doing, but that was a really long story plan and would take a really long time to do, so I decided to condense it from 9 stories into 3. Venomous Vindictives is part 1 of 3 in a trilogy I have planned. I guess we'll see where this goes and if I change it again (hopefully I do not omg)! Basically instead of my original chapter 2 idea I'm going to do something else and the original chapter 2 will be back later. Chapter 1 one will stay chapter 1. The biggest change is really the title to be honest. I hope y'all don't mind too much, I'm so sorry if you do!

Happy Valentine's day; treat yourselves to something nice!!
(Characters above are Gloria (left) and Karma (right). They're Axel's kinda/sorta friends!)
@Samsama: OH YOU'RE RIGHT! OMG, whoops! Well it's fixed now; sorry about that!
I'm glad you think it's beautiful, thank you very much!
Sorry this took longer than expected, and it's kinda crappy. Happy Thanksgiving btw
@Tuxie: He means that he should stop going out to bars late at night, drinking too much, and hooking up with random people lmao. Sorry about the confusion; I was worried that'd happen which is why I'm making an extra page haha whoops :'D