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I'm obFAL-01, and sometimes I update my webcomics. However, I'm usually busy, so have mercy on me!

"~Let me intimidate you with mediocrity~" --- Cole M. Sprouse

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Note: Temporians are a fictional race of grey people with green eyes. I'll explain later why exactly they look the way they do, but in case you were wondering: yes there is a reason they look like that.

On a side note: I'm glad to be back, y'all! I got busy with school!
Sorry about the belated update! I've been working on other art pieces, going to school, and I even got a little bit sick! :0
Okay guys, here's the real page 4! Happy belated April Fool's! (Sorry it took me so long to get the real page done, I'm back in school so my time is very limited, but I will still try to make as many pages as I can). Special Thanks to Red Ram (author of Midnight Coffee) and Tuxie (author of Lungs) for letting me use pages from their comics for my April Fool's joke! They are such amazing people!
April 1st, 2018
man I'm not sure what direction this is going but I think I like it
Hope y'all don't mind the black and white city-scape up top lmao. I'm really bad at drawing... anything that isn't people, so you get these poorly edited photos.
I'm trying to crank out as many pages as I can during spring break; hopefully I'll be able to finish at least two more!
and here's the chapter 1 cover too
It's back, hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hey guys, have another early update! I'm trying to update more, so I can get to chapter 3 sooner. I miss my dudes Axel and Alex from chapter 1 :'D
@Tuxie: I'm glad yo u think it looks nice. Darn horn man; I hate his design. I should've kept him simple.
Woww look at me using an actual typeface and updating early lmao
Finally an update! lol
I don't know when I'll start this, but it'll be sometime this year. For now enjoy the cover!
@natta0202: HECK YEAH I DID! I'm glad you find it awesome lmao
@Tuxie: The tear totally completes the mood! It adds so much character to this previously bland page! The tear I S this page. lmao
I'm sorry this page is so confusing; it'll all be explained later. In the meantime, if you have any questions: holler at me!
For those of you who miss these idiots: don't worry they and their antics shall return next chapter!
(Sorry, this was a really dumb comic; I regret it. Bottom line is that Alex got a haircut)
sorry about the language guys whoops lol
@Tuxie: Thank you! I'm glad you like my meme!!