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Thats one of my top comedy shows tbh. Bad jokes are my weakness :p
Loving the page btw, thanks so much >.<
November 8th, 2014
Ahhh cuties~ >.<
So happy to have you back :D
September 13th, 2014
Ahhh I'm glad u decided to continue on with the characters in this new webcomic :3
I'm all for seeing them here (with a happy ending) and excited to see how it plays out ^^
First page excitement~!!
Pls don't be brainwashed Castalia ;-;
September 12th, 2014
Ahhh your backkk !! <3
So happy these two are back they are such sweetness~
Thanks for posting ^^
Fucking amazing XD
It's hard to choose :( like suuuper hard with all the "want u back"s and what not coming from the other side..
I kinda get where Elijah is coming from but unless he TRULY gets his shit together i don't think he should be doing this
(Really supporting Lon cuz he's always there to catch Jason)
August 25th, 2014
They look like the type of people who can perform feats of badassery... And still have awesome hair +.+
It's a...
Sun? Tree? Deer?
All of the above?
This comic is beautiful in every aspect and I'm glad I found and kept track of it. I love all of ur characters and the way u made the interact felt so real, and flawed in the most human way possible. Every page update was a gift and always kept me on edge, but I'm glad it's finished. There's still that feeling of "Oh, wow the comic's really done..." As I stare into space, but it's given me so much that I will always come back to read it dozens of times over. Thank you so much for this amazing comic and I look forward to anything u make in the future :).
Gdi too many things happening to u Jason baby ;~;
Hope ull be able to smile more and for things to go ur way. Whatever ur happiness will be in the future pages I hope u obtain it!!!
Incubus seems to be most likely in my book...
His true form comes with red hair and scales! Truely, we have been missing out.
Still a (sex driven) cutie tho!! XD
Wish u the best in ur studies~