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Ninja Fox
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Getting cocky there, eh Kai?
Robert Smith? Who has a question mark in their surname? xD
That article made me giggle.

Sorry Maeva, I don't think flattery will work on a guy who's idea of a good time is to slaughter a group of people.
I would also accept if I were in her position. I almost wish that she had been able to defeat Kai.
Kat! Kick him in the nads, that'll show him!

Oh Kratos, you evil, evil person.

Your new avatar is pretty sweet K.K.
Is it just one elite demon that needs the million souls, or is it just the amount it comes to when you include all the elites?

@Black~ That's right. D:<
Okay, I am now officially craving the next chapter. I've been dying to know the truth about Kat.
I think I'm growing to love Siska more and more.

I'm interested in hearing Masai's story.
Possession liberator? xD
I'm guessing they had some sort of romantic relation in the past?
When I saw Leviathan, I immediately thought Metroid Prime 3. xD
You fell off a cliff!? D;
Quick Siska, ditch the sword and run!
Thank you! <3

@Shio~ Except clip-ons. Clip-ons don't count. xD
You had me there for a while. xD
New page! I jumped the gun a little, but the comic was getting to be too inactive.
I tried using Adobe Illustrator for this one. The lines are so smooth! 8D
I was gonna color it but... I got lazy and didn't feel like it. xD
Surreal, your up next. :]
Nuts? In muffins? D:
-gives regular old chocolate chip-
Much better. :]

Tomoyo and Megumi are so cute together! 8D
And your coloring is fabulous, as always. <3