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Ah no wonder I didn't know it not having a Wii of my own.
I wasn't expecting to get in I still have much to learn in the way of sprite making. However now I can just watch from the third view and on that can't wait to see what this plot could be.
*fancy bow*
Looks like I'll just have to wait for another open spot hopefully I have had more comics under my belt by that time but anyway enough of my whining congratulations gentlemen on your well deserved entry into the park.
Awesome plain and simply.

only thing I need to say is Dunkle has no left eye or even a socket for that matter. Just saying so none thinks he does when he comes in. However that be a minor detail and doesn't subtract from the awesomeness of the picture.
Wow that is very nice of you Knaaren. I believe I tagged you wrong and I apologise for it.
I vote no.

I agree not with internet relationships between people unless you have met the person in Real Life before. However relationships between characters I see as perfectly fine as it adds to the overall spice of this mirror world we call the internet.
I wouldn't say brothers. However they are what to be expected from, supposedly, normal human male.
Yes that did was a bit harsh but there is a silver lining to the black cloud.

This will make for a very interesting plot.
Which would be nothing because I put of the lazy mofo excuse for Authortastic 2.0

Guess I'll just have to make something up for the occasion then won't I.
Just clarifying but a sample comic is required correct?
Don't worry I don't plan to be making comics at 3:00 or even 2:00 in the morning. So it should be all good well except for the random comment here and there.
This is what happens when you write something at three in the morning.
But 2.0 just sounds so boring. We must move to the third Generation! A Generation of robot devil monkeys! No wait FLAMING robot devil monkeys. With ham blasters.
@Jeshi-kun: I would say dead so much as just waiting for everything to come together. Well thats the case for me anyway.
And we don't want that because we love our readers. In a completely non-homosexual way.
Damn those springs of DOOM!