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Amateur writer with delusions of grandeur.
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October 29th, 2016
They're multiplying! O_o And just in time for Halloween, too.

And really, can't argue with Jason's logic. Of the two main characters in this comic, Candy is certainly the more competent. Actually, she's probably one of the most competent characters out of *all* the characters.

Try not to let the guilt get you down; of course work and family are going to be higher priorities.
Don't you mean *Magnificent? Because that's sure how Toph looks in that last panel. I would feel bad for the Meowths but I'm too busy laughing.

I guess Whitney's gonna need to do some renovating after this.
Well, I think it's safe to say that fanged Runt is possibly the most frightening of them all.
I hope everything (and everyone) is alright after the break-in.

Now I'm really curious, did the bee-witch (sorry bee-witch, your name has slipped my mind) transform the bear into a delicious-looking cupcake, or is it some sort of different perception thingy?
Holy crap, that is an impressive string of cat puns. How long did it take to get all that sorted out?
That bear is the stuff of nightmares.

Candy will probably want to give it a hug.
I see no way in which this could possibly go wrong. :D

Edit: I just realised that those look like Roman numerals on the star map!

1000, 10, 2, 6, 2, 1. Or 1, 2, 6, 2, 10, 1000? Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.
HAHAHAHA! Oh, Cassandra, this is why you're my fav. Candy looks genuinely put out - I wonder how long it's been since someone has stood up to her. Well, someone whom she can't immediately set fire to and grind into the dirt, at any rate.
Love Candy using her flamethrower to light the way.

Cassandra's probably wishing she'd kept quiet about the flesh-eating monsters.
... Does Runt even know how to tell time? I feel like telling him to come back and get them in an hour is asking for trouble.
Plastic flowers. Makes sense; it'd probably cost a small fortune to maintain all that if it was real.

Your battle shots are as amazing as always. I almost feel bad for finding that Sentret's look of abject terror so funny.
Well now, seems someone got up on the wrong side of their hammock this morning. I suppose it could just be genuine concern for Runt's well-being but, well, it's Candy.
And in this case, I don't think it's even his fault - though I'm sure she'll somehow figure out a way to blame it on him.
Heh, I was reminded a bit of Legion from Mass Effect for a moment - then I remembered that HK and Legion are about as different as two sentient sniper rifle-wielding robots can be.

As for the comic situation, my vote is for the comic to stay fully Magipunk. I'm happy to wait as long as need be between updates. :D
Heh, I'm kind of curious now if Mr Tabbykins is just doomed to live out the rest of his days as Candy's pet.
I love that reaction shot in the second panel. Perfectly legitimate, too - never know who or what is going to sneak up in you in a place like... *gestures all over Goldenrod City Gym* ... that.
Ooooh, Cassandra as the new Orthodonist! I like this turn of events. The new look also really suits her, even if the changes are quite small (though I suppose considering all we could see of her before were her eyes through her glasses, any change was bound to stand out).

Seems HK just can't let go of the original Orthodontist, though.
Maybe Candy's projecting - is there something wrong with her teeth? Does she need to visit a dentist? Maybe she just misses the Orthodonist.

Also, happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one! :D
That's right, Runt and Candy are pirates, aren't they? They're so well-dressed I completely forgot.

... They stole all that Chinese food, didn't they? Those scoundrels! :D
Oh, dear, I hope you're feeling better now, or if not, that you do soon.

Also, I know bee faces aren't very expressive at the best of times, but I like to think Melissa isn't phased by this turn of events at all and is just taking it in stride.

Alternatively, she may be the type who doesn't express their feelings, in which case that may be her 'screaming internally' face.