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HOLA!, la gran noticia es que ya no hay más actualizaciones para derideal en smacksjeeves; porque derideal tiene nueva pagina ahora, con su propio dominio:


asi que las nuevas actualizaciones ahora serán ahí, recuerden visitar la nueva pagina.

ahora ya no hay más comentarios para el comic en el website, asi que, si quieren comentar o hablarme, siempre pueden enviarme un correo a o visitar los foros de derideal en:

gracias a todos los lectores,

y tambien a smacksjeeves por hostear el comic todo este tiempo.

HELLO, the news are that there'll be no more updates for derideal here on smacksjeeves; because derideal has new homepage now; with it's own Domain.


so now are the updates will be there. remember visit the new page ;)

now there'll be no moar comments for the comic on the website, so, if you want to comment or speak to me, you always can send me a mail to or
visit the derideal forums at:

thanks to all the readers!

and also to smacksjeeves for hosting the comic during this time.
smskjves erase my previous post or something xD
WELL, my previous answer got deleted or something was never showed.
I'll write it again

All I can say is that Adres and Laura are 10 years old. but that's not really their mental age or body development; in human terms.
in fact, before on the comic, I maybe write in some pannel that the project prime was finished 10 years before the comic story starts.

at some point of chapter III , I'll deal with some of this facts.
let me see
that's maybe a question for the comic F.A.Q. on the forum.

when I started the comic...that was something it worried me a bit..

the answer would be 10 years each one, Laura and Adres; maybe Adres is a little more old; but only for months.

but that's not they mental age really, at some point of this chapter I will deal with their age and explain some things about the project prime (Remember that the infiltrator stole some information from the laboratory)
actualizacion mas algunas noticias
HOLA, hace harto tiempo que no subia algo nuevo para derideal, disculpen por lo poco, pero no he tenido mucho tiempo, estoy preparandome para mi viaja vuelta a casa y vuendo como ganar tiempo aca en otros asuntos.

en fin, la GRAN noticias, es que "ICEWIND" un lector que se comunico conmigo por el foro de derideal, ha hecho una GENIAL pagina para DERIDEAL.

esta pagina de smacksjeeves va a desaparecer en un tiempo más, cuando por fin me ponga y termine de subir las paginas en español del comic. de cualquier modo, si quieren conocer la nueva web, ya esta arriba; es:
HI, has been a while since I uploaded a new page; I have some things to take care before to draw derideal with more dedication.

anyways, the news are that "ICEWIND" has make a GREAT ALL NEW webpage for DERIDEAL, so, in the future, spect only that page for derideal, I'm leaving smacksjeeves; when I make time to upload all the spanish pages to the new homepage.

anyways, the english version es working, you can found it here:

and again; my public thanks to Icewind for doing this for the comic.
Sorry for not answer since now to all the commentaries.

well, thanks for the commentaries, and for the support QuothTheRaven;

and well, in the spanish version, in fact the word that used Andres wasn't "diary" was "log" or "bitacore" is that word exist, XD XD XD...cos he likes to call the diary that way.

and well, Andrés is kinda fun to draw.
disculpas por no haber respondido antes xD
pero no habia visto el comic hace un tiempo.

respecto a lo que me dice "Neyebur" ; yo creo que puedes usarlas siempre que me des credito o no sea nada malo; saludos! xD
she can do it well enough!
as she can fasten buttons XD
Bitácora de Buzz lighyear!

en realidad es un diario, pero al inventor le gusta decirle bitacora, suena mas de sci-fi
well, that is really a project. but I need A LOT of time to re-draw and paint all those pages. but, its a project, and I have a little progress in it.
jojooj, forgive my slow progress...I've been busy with other things =(

so, updates will be a little slow and random now...
quizas, pero a descanzar primero
thank you!
thanks ! (to all commentaries)

some day, there will be an update for the comic
nope, there's no particular reason. just coloring