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I am who I am most of the time. Other times I'm a brilliant sleuth, a powerful superhero, or a cyborg trapped in world I never made.
November 3rd, 2018
Thrilled to hear about the possibility of publication, would love to have the comic in a pdf format on my tablet for when I don't have a working internet. :)

Janey's looking great!
Is it an Omen Pigeon?
August 15th, 2018
@skyangel: doing alright, getting back into my art again and trying to get back to making a comic.
August 14th, 2018
Hoping that Bang is just a tire....
Well the comment title says it all.
Nothing good can come of this...
Run while you have a chance! Nothing good can come from a dead girl's Ouija board... This is how horror movies happen. :)
Is it me or do Jenny and Alison make a cute (if somewhat odd) couple. :)
Never easy to get away from a haunted house...
I foresee an awkward conversation in the morning...
@ohanyname!: this is more an unusual work injury. Was doing a job that pretty much resulted in a barrage of hard impact shocks to my thumb causing severe pain at the joint. Been working with a physical therapist to keep from losing strength while it heals but it does cause all manner of changes to how I do things and what I can do. After all, no good hurting my other hand by pushing it to compensate for the injured one. Still thank you for the suggestions and I am doing some of them already.
@Dragonrider: Collectibles shop. All kinds of weird stuff out there. Antique shops, pawn shops, consignment stores... You can find almost anything imaginable. And that's not even touching on the stuff you can find online.
@MichaelHartman: I considered it, but the pose led to some technical complications. :)
Edit: I think my statement makes me seem lazy... I've had an injury to my dominant hand for these last few months. I don't remember if I mentioned it here or not. I've learned to work around it to a degree, but I can't take as much time working on art as I used to. The technical issues in such a pose could be fixed. I just am unable to devote the time needed.
Ah, i remember when I scared myself silly going to the bathroom in the middle of the night having forgotten I'd left a life size inflatable Freddy Kruger standing in the shower... (Don't ask)

Anyhow some fanart of Sarah and Lucy that actually seems more fitting this week. :)
Heh, dark room, half asleep. Great time for the brain to interpret things like a reflection of a dress or a portrait as being a person. Or for a ghost to scare the heck out of someone.
Hopefully Lucy is understanding. Otherwise, I see trouble ahead...
@skyangel: for me it seems the trick to parties is figuring out how much alcohol will dull my social anxiety without making me act like a fool. I haven't quite gotten the amounts right, but maybe someday. :)
Having good friends around helps too.
I've never been at a party that wasn't awkward. Sarah's at least together enough to see to Nikki and also have gotten answers about Laura. I'm betting things will get more trying when Abi and Alison get there.

Jenny will likely be a help, I like her. :)
Oh dear. Poor Lucy indeed. Can't imagine getting over something like that but I give her credit for trying to move on.
@ohanyname!: sadly voice recognition isn't an option. I'm almost never able to use such without there being someone around to be bothered by it.
Yeah, this is gonna lead to tears. Hopefully won't end in tears, but that's to be seen.

Sorry I haven't been around much. My hand gets bad if I do too much typing, and it's a bit awkward using only my off hand. I'm still reading the comic each week though. :)
Sexiest weather report ever.