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Hello, I am Nundunso (If you want to refer to me by name, it's Josh), and here is a bunch of stuff I like:

-Video Games (Specifics below)
-The Legend of Zelda
-Sam & Max
-Messing around on GMod (Specifics end)
-Making sprites
-Making parodic sprite comics I never update/upload
-Candy (Mints and sour candies in particular)
-Sandbox games that let me build stuff (I.E. MineCraft)
-More Penguins

Also...Not sure if anyone has ever noticed, but....
^ ^^ ^
I only changed those 4 letters, but I figured it's worth mentioning.
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@Koal: Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do with the next one. I ended up having to rush this one, so I'll probably come back to it later when I feel like it.
Thanks for the advice, though.
Dead? this basically dead? I eman, Meta Eggplant even left as an author
Insert Title Here
So, I thought it would be neat to make Link tired of having to replay the same adventure overandoverandoverandover...again, so that's house I started it!

Also, see that first panel? Link dreaming of Zelda? Well, yeah, that was a pain to do, or at least a hell of a lot more so than I anticipated. Took me at least 15 minutes to that single part.

EDIT: I had to edit the strip because I didn't realize there was 1 500kb limit (though I only had to remove like 15 pixels from the sides and middle borders and it went down from 538 to 150 o.O)
Also, I decided to start with posting 2 pages since the first one was Pokemon xD

EDIT2: Wow, that's a lot bigger than I realized...

EDIT3: Oops! Originally on the fourth, fifth, and sixth panels I forgot the bedsheets!
Why is this Pokemon?
So...I decided I wanted to start with showing the player that's..."playing" the game, and since this was originally going to be my Pokemon Nuzlocke experience, I made the "Real World" in Pokemon style :P

Also, I may change how I do the speech bubbles in the future...

Oh, also, I forgot to mention WHY I started it with the player...
It's because I thought I needed an in-comic explanation as to why items would be in different dungeons.
The Cover
Just the cover. I think it turned out looking neat, but I want to change the "A Random Adventure" to look different, instead of just plain generic calibri (it really bugs me), but I don't know how it should be changed to look. Any suggestions?
@Guest: Oh whoops I forgot to log in, that was me~
Aw, I was kinda looking forward to a final battle xD
@Nundunso: now that I think about it, maybe I should've made it wider than longer...
Penguin finds himself in the Blank World and thinks about his time in Antarctica.
I found time to finally make my first comic :P
Oh and since this is my first comic on a co-author comic, I may have done something wrong.
I read this comic last year and was sad to see in ended so abruptly, but It's nice to go back to every once in a while.
My character
This is my character, Penguin. (He's a penguin if you didn't notice.)
Even though I usually make these on GIMP, I used MS Paint because I don't have access to my laptop ATM.
Description:I'm not really sure what to call this fusion... Azusire sounds really weird and Quagmarill
sounds too obvious...but I'd probably go with Quagmarill anyway.

I posted something. It's been months since I posted something, but I did it. I have been very busy w/school, and haven't had much time (Except for Christmas vacation, spring break, and every other holiday break, so basically I just didn't feel like it, and I apologize.)
Hello everyone! I've decided to get off my lazy ass and upload something....Tommorrow.
@Retro Pikachu: I hope it's chocolate chip! :3
Looks like it...
@shadowlucario50: It's like...hmm...Char...mi...zard? Yeah...Charmezard is the best I can come up with >.<
I feel like there's a joke missing here...oh wait...
You know...I'm not sure how he forgot his real name...or why he used 'Tunic' as an alias...he won't tell me...