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Seiryuu no Kibachiyo
I'm just a guy who likes games, anime, and comics. I'm a pretty decent storyteller, but now i have somewhere to tell these stories. However I am not a very good artist, so some help would be appreciated whenever I have an idea for comic.
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Did he... just cough out blood?

I'm not a doctor, but I don't think that's a good sign.
Well that was some quick character development. Good job Wes! You get a Poké Bean.
*gets a spray bottle*

No. Bad Darkrai. Stop it.
Those trees look awfully familiar...

... Uh oh.
Darkrai smiling is now one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

And Gengar is me whenever somebody pops/cracks the knuckles right next to me.
Looks like Hoopa's gonna cause some-
...Cause some-
*throws brick*
Looks like Hoopa's gonna cause some hooplah.
If this is going to be anything like Smash Bros, Victini is about to have her brain fried.
Everything. So. Pink.
An ominous glow fills the room...

You're tired of everyone risking their lives to protect you.

It's your turn to stand up and fight.

You are filled... With DETERMINATION.
Wait a second.... Could Victini actually be Lovrina? Or is she someone else?
Time for the final showdown!
Hey, who left this bowl of onions here?
Aww... Happy family reu-

Waaaaiiit a minute....

Something's going to happen. I can tell.
*Gengar catches the Houndour puppy*

It's Good!
I'm guessing since it's called the "creation engine", and it has those crests on the side, this thing was obviously made by Arceus for some reason... By why was it made? And just what does it do?
Looks like Hoopa is about to raise some hooplah.


I am not sorry.
... I think my heart just broke.
Yeah! Welcome back! It's great to the comic going again!
*starts playing the opening theme to Death Parade*
He seemed alot nicer in the games. Or is that just me?
A ring that summons a legendary? Sounds like alot of....