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I am a girl who has always dreamed about making comics and manga. I'm a bit nervous online but please give what I make a shot I swear you won't be disappointed.

I'm currently working on a comic called bento battle with my sister and I work extra hard to make it look good. I know I didn't update it for 2 months but I swear that will never happen again
>///////////<;;;;;;; my tumblr (which is mostly ignored)
An update after a long drought Whoops
I have realized that working in summer with kids is way harder than any other month because now they all arrive at the same time. But now that the debacle is over I am freer than ever. In the past week I have gotten more drawings made than I have in three months because of how much work I've had to do.

@Captain Ghost: Thank you. We both try really hard to make it good.
The oh you are here. XD

Oh that is a grand sign of the awkward I know
I'm always so glad to make another page for this comic and I'm sorry that I always take to long to update now.
But man I wish I had the time to draw all these pages and then more like I wanna draw th wanna draw little things of little kid versions of the cast on a train or in Tokyo or Yokohama gah!!!! I also cast I have like real stories for theme that would be great!!!!
Oh man his mom has such a young face when did she even have him?

Also props on the kitchen!
Sorry for always taking so much time to post now. But teaching is such a bigger commitment than I expected. I'm tired all the time because of these kids but that's okay because they are all so cute I forgive them for wearing me down every day.

I've actually been thinking of making a comic based off of just my adventures in Japan because they would be kind funny I think XD Idk (that doesn't mean I would abandon bento battle because like hell I would)
Back Finally!!!!
SO after Two months of getting used to work and life in Japan I'm back to making the comic pages >///<;;; Sorry it took so long XD;;;
So I made this page and I tried to make it super nice as a I'm sorry gift also I'll probably be posting pictures of Japan to my DA so go ahead and take a look at them.

As for future Pages they are probably going to have far less tones to them I just don't have the time for that right now (especially since spring is the busiest time for me as s teacher now)
@Kokoro Hane: Thanks you so much I really wanted to make it look cool! >/////<~
So you have wrist problems too? I say take a break you deserve it.

Also yes he found his spine! And apparently it's attached to a cute butt.
I bet you could work up to it. Honestly Most of my early backgrounds were boxes and sometimes I just wrote house on them. (ah such embarrassing times)

THat's true parody characters have the ability to hide their future actions from the authors! I feel like that's a skill he could put to use but he probably won't
Is Hiro finally gonna stand his ground and go no! I kinda doubt it but we'll see. I kinda hope he does because reasons.
You know I'm always so jealous of your hands they always come out so nice!

Also yeah backgrounds seem to take forever even simple ones. I blame the need for the whole ruler and perspective grid stuff. But it looks nice for establishing the place.
(Oh I did a two point time-lapse thing I tried to do a more complex background because it might be helpful....though the quality isn't so good ^^;;; )
But hiro look at that face there's no way he would turn into the big bad wolf he's just a little puppy!
I think straight faced staring while singing such a song is the only way to properly seduce some one!!!

Okay so I've been feeling a little bad it's taking me so long to get just a tutorial on drawing backgrounds out. So here's a link to a video of me drawing one on the computer using sai.
I didn't have time for an audio track as well so sorry, but I did try to describe as much as I could in the description. >///<;;;
Okay so you want ideas so I'm just gonna spout out every idea that I have even the terrible ones because I have no filter sometimes.

1) Teacher shows up more because I like the teacher maybe gives bad advice idk. Teacher!!!!
2) Some kind of crossover chapter with another webcomic like the one with EriEri right she's your friend (or did I read that wrong XD; )
3) Food! Like a food fight or a cooking competition <strike>what I wasn't just thinking of my own webcomic and going I'd love to see them fail cook </strike>
4) Marriage interview for one of the characters
5) Plot twist the marriage interview lady person is a lesbian and only thinks it's a good idea because dude totally likes dick.
6)Another twist if hiro Takashi doesn't react at all to this info.
7) Flower viewing or Autumn viewing chapter!
8)One of them gets a pet! And the pet never lets them sleep at night so sleeping at inappropriate times.
9) A chapter about tiny hiro or better yet Takashi!
10)An awkward family trip!
11)trip to a hot spring and someone has an embarrassing birth mark somewhere
12)A bunny suit.
13)Random foreigner butting their way in.
14) Mimorin because she was pretty damn cute.
15)Someone finds out about the relationship (?) of takashi and Hiro
16)Takashi in bondage
17) Someone dies in character A's family and character B is there
18) Something about a ghost and a curse
19) Plot twist the Ghost is real
20)Plot twist two ghost wanted revenge against someone else and miss placed it on main character
21) an actual date/not a date
22)Takashi acting crazy
23)Lots of costumes because costumes are fun.
24) One of them fills in for a sports team other thinks they are cool. (edit: sport should be something like sumo wrestling)
25) Obligatory/overused amnesia stuff.

....hmm If I think of more things I'll post them. They'll probably be equally as dumb as all of this

26) One of them has a stalker!
27) One of them gets recognized by a talent agency.
28) That one isn't hiro
29) Someone in their class is writing a fan comic about Like Takashi or Hiro and has the person paired with someone random or themself!
30)Or it's a professional comic or light novel not just a web one and it gets an anime
31) Parents or like the teacher or the school nurse giving a character an awkward sex talk and showing how to put a condom on by use of a banana or a cucumber and gruesome pictures of STDs/STIs
32)accidental double date thing with partners parents.
33) That awkward art class assignment where you have to draw people in the class and the art kid get ones of them so everyone is like so jealous because it will be beautiful but the kid is like a cubist artist or pop art so they look picasoesque in the drawing
34)Younger sibling with an aggressive crush on their brother's bf and tries to get in the middle.
Sorry that it's late but here is the new page of bento battle.
...Seriously got a warning about bordering pornographic? I was always a firm believer that just because the genitalia show doesn't mean it's porn (I mean if it did then old art would basically all be porn)maybe not meant for young kids but I definitely wouldn't call it porn.

Also like the chalk board, surprisingly there is a little bit of school work on there impressive!
I'm thinking somehow he's not gonna jump but do something really dumb and embarrassing! My hope is shouting something out and slipping in the middle leading to tears of I don't wanna die!!!!
Simple is always good *nods* takes far less time and tears.

Oh that actually reminds me that I've started trying to plan out a how I draw backgrounds thing because some people asked I can show you when I get somewhere.. maybe idk.
Woot look at all those backgrounds! I particularly like the birds eye one nice.
I hope you like this page I put a lot of work int the backgrounds

@Leafy Savanna Chan: Awe you're all caught up, but yay! You're all caught up! I should be able to post tomorrow or Friday So I hope you'll enjoy >////<