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@Ren Fowl: nah thats connor
i like 1 better cause it doesnt blend in with his skin

but boy his heads kinda pillowshaded
ok so how do they look now
<img src="https://image.prntscr.com/image/wapRhzI0RuyHgq2H5HZUWw.png">
i removed zeke's antennae to make more space
@Xenocide: yeah i can see what you mean by plush, on the lower parts. ill get around that

ive always tried to give accel (middle)a bit of a neck while being consistent with the sonic artstyle of having no neck so it eventually evolved into this weird V-neck shirt thing

as for Whatever The Fuck That Guy Is His Name Is Zeke My Friend, he originally had dreadlocks because I wanted a character with dreadlocks but i wasn't sure how to do it quite properly so it ended up with that. now i guess i can just reshade it a bit and pass it as multi-colored trunks hair

as for HIS neck, his first original design had a big scarf that covered most of his lower head and upper chest so i didnt give it any thought until i decided to give him an alt outfit that would later become the main detective outfit it is today. and also the same as accel with consistency

also in this design he's supposed to be wearing one of those shirts that cover your neck but thats really hard if not impossible to actually show. maybe i should scrap that idea

thank you!
that's right. the green one doesnt have a dick
what? thought i was going to disappear again for like 2 years? so did i

but here we are. i guess i got back that sonic sprite makin spark tonight at 2am

this is mostly just experimenting. itll probably go somewhere
next thing you know ill be making comics again and getting embarassed about how horribly bad they are fuck you windows xp

you may recognize these boys. you may not recognize these boys
im not introducing these boys
looks like a walking bush

are those glasses? they blend in a little, (or at least it looks like they do to me)maybe change the colors a bit

im not an expert with this style of shading (or in general) so im not going to say much about it
other than its.. odd? theres something off with the top? i guess?

edit: o fuck ok bazooka

the waist looks odd, doesnt look like its attached to the body correctly, specially when you add the arms
the fact you guys kept connor and made him the simple-minded goof i always wanted him to be is

also ill explain the lack of cannon and other stuff later. the colors on the coat are also temporary

look at how messy the other two used to be
<img src="https://image.prntscr.com/image/TPo6ugRFScy1nyoMl42ORA.png">
is this what the cool kids call making a comeback

well, anyway, third(?) times the charm with this sort of thing....right
ive once again changed up whatever stupid story i had around this biometal and now decided it needs a form thats not full power

more in the future for other things
if i dont forget
stop dying assclown
now, you still have more questions, like "does this mean youre done doing sonic sprites?" and "is he this tall now"
respectively, the answers are:
yes, like i said, no drive to do sprites, and no drive to put existing sprites to use either
<img src= "http://image.prntscr.com/image/0c5eae9b5006442a9ce0ff7d9e25fb0f.png"> (smaller sprite made solely for size comparasion)
hey. its been a hot minute
this is entirely custom, and was pretty good practice

i made it to have something for the new design, and to get a style to sprite all actual ocs in

so before you say anything on the radical change

lately ive had absolutely no drive to do sonic sprites or work on existing characters, but not too long ago i finished a drawing of an entirely original oc
and ive been writing about him and the world he's in. it's really fun

and the moment i got to the part where i needed to make more characters for said setting, i instantly thought
"shit. why dont i just repurpose some of my old characters"
and here we are
of course theyll be slightly modified to fit in the setting more
Ohhhh, now you fucked up!
Now you fucked up!
Now you fucked up!
You have fucked up now!
the target wasnt the zfish

it was the bottom of the ocean!!!