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It's only natural that Maya caught up with Riza & Co. Apparently she doesn't wait months to go new places
I actyually think it's a very nic way to show her head going down. Faces are akways trickey to get the right expression, this leaves it to the reader to imagine the proper face and still send the mood message.

Plus, yeah, changing up from doing faces all the time is nice.
It's good to see you again, I really hope things take a turn for the better for you!
Well, now I can't get Harvey out of my head either you guys!

And thus begins the Dreamcatcher/Harvey subfandom
Bah demon. Fluff Demon. Preshrunk & Cottony demon. Extremely venomous demon
I have to wonder if Ialu intentionally dressed like that or if those clothes came like Riza's swirly shirt when they entered the gate world. From what little I've seen, I'm guessing it's 100% intentional.

As for dreamstones, I don't remember any rules so: Ram has an emerald or ruby. Jackel has a topaz
Hakuna matata! Hakuna Matata!
It means no worries! For the rest of your days!

I'm guessing Ram is European dreamer and Jackel is Africas?
I figured at this point enough rain had washed the blood away.
This is the part where he finds a traveling circus and joins up. Meeting the love of his life, he also bonds with the elephants. Then everyone dies and he leaves.
And he ran.
He ran so far away.
He ran all night and day

Couldn't get away.
Well, if there are survivors he might get chased out of town. If not, he may just panic and run himself out.
Is it Xan's brother? (I was going to make it a joke about being a long lost relative, but then I remember he does have one of those, doesn't he?)
Riza: Oh man, and I thought Aiden was a jerk. Here I've been hanging with a guy who gets possessed by a mass murderer...

Nirako: Just thinking of all the things he left out
Arturro: Shoot, I dropped all my icicles. Can someone help me pick those up?
Obvious joke

Answer of the update: Never have warm drinks again! There's probably a lot you can do with those powers I haven't thought of...hmmm
Same as above. But also call off work that day
What helped me get something down was just sitting in front of a piece of paper and thinking about one character at a time. (It was a group shot) but it eventually all fell together. And I think Hazu was allowing multiple entries, so hopefully you can just get started on something and then pick your favorites to send! I don't remember where Nirako and Twyla came in either. Maybe the Gallery section of the site has some art of them, I used a few images from there for reference.

Answer of the update: Isn't that like, half of Harry Potter?
That's a delightfully creepy first panel!
It's a Mundane Egg.