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stuff.... WHAT?
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This comic is getting funnier and funnier! =D *luvz*
WHY! Why did she leave Jade all alone and open like that! it's not fair!
Poor Jade T.T all alone again, even her slave ran from her :( (wow 200)
*shiffy eyes* Hiya, my naked sexy *rapes*
That poor guy... I feel sorry for him, but he is SOOO CUTE! <3 can I have him for a pet? <3 I'll take REAL good care of him. ^.^
What if she has a kid? can it still die or no?
I haven't been on in to long... but I still say it looks good... (even if not the main herins)
wow. it's 11 already? gez, how long was my compy down for... anyway I am BACK ^^ and I liked that last chapter
Awww! *Nruses* >.< hard to comment on a Wii...
I thought you said we'd start like her... I still what her to brun! but right now. *spins around and dress in a nurse's outfit* I need to take care of Sara! *huggles Sara are runs off with her to take care of her* ^^ I'll bring her back when she is good and ready.
she looks wierd. (I mean her eyes. but she is old so whatever)
no he doesn't kuxs does but sonic and tail do not. Ow that had to hurt though, myu >.<
March 12th, 2008
WOW, that guy is evil! can I kill him? plz!
March 9th, 2008
Oh, I thoguht he meant my boxers I lost in there. but ok. <.<;
thats to be found out at a later time ^.^ haha! ok really I have no clue. and I am sure we'll find out in a later update
Yea, I know but he was kinda blunt about it so it wasn't as sad. plus he is leave smacks. so it's not like he'll read this ever. but you are right. I am truely sorry. *bows*
gez, I'd love to be your donator, but I don't got a card my self :( sorry. as for the contest; I can't draw, I hurt my hand T.T sorry, again
I got a 7 or 8. something around there. anyway, sorry, to hear you are going or gone.
wait, I thought Max couldn't talk, myu. oh well.
I love this page. I really do. it's sweet