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my name is josh, my likes and dislikes are none of your business, i dont feel like telling you my life goals, but i have lots of hobbies

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Haven't commented in a long while...

Anyway, that was kinda random, but pretty cool
OMG. I think Carlos should probably be in the beginner class, not the intermediate class.

How'd you do in the tourney?
Knowing is half the battle, and in the GI Joe universe, the other half is unnecessarily large amounts of missiles.
@TD: Yeah, it's great for awhile, but it dies pretty quickly.

@CK: I think that he threw a couple of swords (based on the handles and apparent length) instead of knives is pretty cool.
Spore is a fun game, but it doesn't have much replay value in my opinion. There isn't much of new scenarios.

I typically bought out other systems.
Nice lighting effect in the last panel.
Ahhh Asher. What a retard.
A promise.
I don't think I can add anything to what's already been said.

Well done, I'll be looking forward to everything else you do.
@LC: @_@ BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!
Egyptian Rat's Crew FTW
When I'm old?

Also, just noticed, Alina doesn't have the Asian eyes.
You have upside down outlets across the pond?

and I love how you increased the panel oh so much to include his tail
Ah, I was looking for the "SHOOP DA WHOOP!"
Wow, amazing art. Fav'd
@Hush Sound: They're in a cave...
Captain? Zuhhh?