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I like games, anime, manga, making wacko jacko jokes, and pretty much everything else that SV stands for.
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    Warcow, Rockets101, Black_h4z3, S4ms0n_IV
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I regect Yukihime's comment.

Not all guy gamers are like that.

More than half of my clan is made up of girls.
No you have it al wrong toon zelda turns into Tetra.

You probably said it some where but I missed it.
Okay Game shark that's a good one.
System.out.println("AWESOMNESS!!! PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!);
I'm currious to see where you go with this once the random animals run out.
Wait wait wait
You complain about stupid users and then talk about the one OS that makes the user stupider by allowing them to use the machine without knowing what they are doing?
You have asounded me. Never have I seen a comic with such such a simple style be as witty and enlightening as this.
Am I the only one?
To consistantly name my rival in the pokemon games something like fagballs or douche?
COngradulations you have earned a spot on my reveiw list expect it within the next two weeks.
Happy zombie day.
I love how the mayor's expression never changes in the last three frames.

And what time zone 11 do you mean cause it's almost 11 central.
Am I the only one
Am I the only one who saw the whole sexism thing as just a joke?

It'd be funny for him to run into a villin like that but common people it's called comedy
Katsup would have been better.
First Level Spells
Hey first level spells aren't that strong...

Oh well great comic
Such is life
That's low level/ high level tactics for ya.
Another appology
Ya sorry guys for a second late update but I just could not fucking draw yesterday. So ya tell me what you guys think this is the last comic of chapter one next chapter is the origins of the Boob Lazer.
Warcow: Yay I got it up on time. Infact 16 minutes before the dealine.

The main joke is credit to FrzDragon on Deviantart.
I wanted to see a plot. Then you'd remind me more of SV.
SV Info
First to those of you who are new I welcome you. I know that This is just a filler poster but I PROMISE I will have S3C1E1 (season3 chapter1 episode1 that's just the way we do things around here) Up on Wendsday the 25th. At which point you will meet our newest artist.