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I am basically a programmer, i was good at math and art, and when it came time to choose which path i should follow, i chose math. I don't regret the descicion at all, but now, i've become interested in developing my artistic tallents, so i found this smackjeeves by randomly clicking on links on webcomic pages, (drunk duck died before i knew her) and am looking at drawing random stuff so i can draw better, and maybe find my style... also i have a comic I drew 7 years ago that i want to show the world! Which would be Space Bee.

I'm also currently working on a website that sells people products over the internet, it's still in it's baby phases but if you want to check it out it's at And at a later date, plan to make another website that will let users check out the information on a database i started with information about all video games ever! This project is more long term, so i havn't decided a url for it yet (or how it's going to be hosted.)

Web Comics sites I regularly check out:
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WOOT!!! a WoW based comic! faved
Woot!! You're back! missed you
i did that once.... except the dog was a space ship, and his penis was a satalite dish sending radio signals....
I have to agree that this is the furthest you've ever gone, you're a brave guy trebor
"this is pointless, stupid fanservice", lol!!
thanks for caring!
holy c***!! that comic was almost as good as the saw with glasses on it called the "see saw"!!! ... Seal of Approval... man... as a lover of puns, this comic warms my heart
November 29th, 2006
As far as if the comics mean anything, i don't know how much they mean to you, it should be something since you came up with the concept, and considering the history you have with it.

And it should be obvious that the comics definately mean something to your audience, just look at the reaction you get whenever you say you're gonna quit.
November 29th, 2006
I think Trebor Almasy had the Right idea to delete the rating system from his "A fairly Twisted Reality" web comic, maybe you should consider doing that too...

Ratings don't matter at smackjeeves, they give you a 5 if they like the comic, or you, or if you said something cool. They give you a 1 if they don't like the comic, or you, or said something they don't like, or are assholes, otherwise not much of the other ratings are used...

The rating system is like communism, works in theory, but not in reality.
It's totaly a Zelda rip off- that's mostly the story of Zelda 3 - A link to the past, for super nintendo
I'd go to that nudie bar :)
Don't Give Up Dan!
I think this guy just isn't using the advice properly, he's blindly using "tricks" with out getting it as you say. I've read through the double your dating guide, and that stuff definitely needs to be fully understood, or you'll end up looking like an ass.

Remember, the book sais that it will take about 2 years of practice for you to be good at it.

Through my experience, I've learned that you can't win if you don't play, and don't expect to get something if you don't ask. If you fail you just need to try again, when you get a game over in a video game, do you turn it off and don't play it again, or play it over and over again until you win? Also, everything that requires courage is hard at first, but gets easier the more you do it.

That's just my opinion... I think the answer is very simple, but unfortunately still quite hard.
New Comic!
Yay! I thought this comic was dead!
What happened to stan and jen?
LOL, that was awsome!
I bet they should've thought their plan through a bit more, eh?
Don'y you ppl get it? a 0/0 creature dies imediately cause it has no toughness!! it's like having an rpg character with a max hp of 0, where if your hp reaches 0 you die!!
Does that creature have a defence of 80 to the power of 88?
what about the wrath of god?
kya kya kya!!
I played magic in the days of 4th edition too!!
I'm 1 card away from completing the 4th edition set!
I'm missing: Wrath of God
technically a 0/0 creature will die automatically, you'll need to put an enchantment on him to boost his toughness as soon as you play him to keep him alive...
That's part of the drama!