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Roxanne Van De Walker
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I forgot to mention, the reason this joke looks the way it does is because it is slightly older than the previous pages. I waited to post it because I thought it should stand on it's own at the end of the chapter instead of being confusing in the middle.
An Interview to Remember is done! So sorry it took so long folks! I confess that one reason I took so long was because of this project. ter-1-beginning-crystals-entrance/viewer?title_no=200079&episode_no=1

But also because of life in general. Thank you for your patiance! I'm working on the next chapter!
Fire Alpaca
Being able to do things I couldn't do before. Yet still able to use the same file on Microsoft Paint!
Sorry for not posting in forever! And thank you for reading!
Translation for robot: "Thank you!"
International Morse
The robot in the pink dress is speaking International Morse code. You can translate it if you want or just read the rest of this note.

Robot with broken leg says: "I’ll never get out now!"
I couldn't resist....
This is the page that I have been wanting to do for a long time, but it totally distracts from the story. When I get books published of this comic, this page is going to be one of the extras in the back of the book.
College hits hard.
I am so sorry to all of you fallowing this comic. I just got through my first semester of college and my summer class. Thank you for your patience and I must warn you I may not post all that often, but I do intend to continue making the comic, it will not be canceled!
So familiar
I think anyone who has ever done this can relate to this comic.
So sorry you guys! It's been busy over here not to mention this picture took time to make.
Sorry! And thanks.... I think?
Sorry I haven't posted much lately life has been busy, thank you for your patience. Also on the stats it says the comic has 8 fans but I can only find seven names in the fan list, so if somebody decided to be an unanimous fan, thank you for doing so. And thank you all who read this comic whether you are on the fan list or not.
The Use of Black and White
Kirk, Brother of Roxanne: When my cartooning 1 teacher gave each of us in our class a choice of doing our comic either in black and white or various shades of gray. I chose doing this comic in black and white, mainly easier to edit with either in Photoshop or MS Paint, Windows 10 Ed. (This doesn't mean I'm not doing color pages, there are plans for that later.) This is page 4 of 9.
Public Domain Fonts.
Kirk, Brother of Roxanne: If I was to sell this set of 9 pages (eventually) as either a physical-in-your-hand-comic-book issue/included in a collected trade or as a downloadable pdf, I would be check to see if the font you're using can be used commercially and you won't get sued because of violating/stealing someone's font without credit/permission or license; in this case I used Garamond as the reading font because it was public domain, meaning I could use this either for commercial or non-commercial work. I forgot the font I used for the title, but I know I did downloaded it with a written license that I could use it for commercial work, so yeah. This is page 3 of 9.
The Story Begins.
Kirk, Brother of Roxanne: This was sort of hard for me last semester as I wasn't as fluent in Photoshop until my cartooning 1 teacher helped me with the layers in the image, especially so in the title. This is page 2 of 9.
Kirk: Brother of Roxanne: Hi, I'm the artist and I should be doing more pages, but instead I'm being completely lazy. So in the mean time, I'm posting the pages from my cartooning 1 class assignment from college this past spring of 2016. This is page 1 of 9.
Thank you corruption for becoming a fan of this comic!
Are you kidding?
I do multiple activities, some times it takes not one, but several weeks before I get another comic up. So trust me, if you only miss one week. You are doing extremely well.
So hard to read sometimes, so hard to write other times.