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Hello! I don't really have much to say right now. Go look at my comic or something instead.
We'll be back next week with a new page!

This character will probably show up in a short story that takes place after the events of Floating On.

Also, you might have noticed that some of the old fillers are gone from our archive. Don't worry, they'll still be on our Patreon.
Hello everyone! I hope you've had a great Thanksgiving. Due to our update schedule, the Thanksgiving filler will be uploaded next week for most of you. Patrons will receive the filler this week and hopefully a new wallpaper and page sometime next week.
Hello everybody! Thanks for reading! I'd like to pose a question to you: What rewards would you like us to add to our Patreon? I'm thinking about adding some more behind the scenes stuff, but I'd like to know what you want.
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@Yolk: Thank you! That really means a lot to me. I'm glad that you enjoy our comic so much.
September 29th, 2018
Oh what? I haven't advertised for our Patreon at all in more than a month!

Go take a look! Give us your money! You'll get stuff!
@Captain Ghost: Thanks for reading! Our next chapter begins next week!
@Dragoonfliy: Thank you for your kind words and thank you very much for reading!
@RandomEgg: Thank you for reading it! I'm glad you were interested enough to slog through that wall of text!
@wergler99: Thank you very much for supporting us and reading through all this stuff I wrote!
@VadanDrumist: Thank you so much for asking! The solutions to this really depend on a lot of different factors. Since eutrophication has many different causes, such as over-fertilization, improper sewage removal, and acid rain, it would be incredibly difficult for only a single person to solve it themselves. In this case, environmental policies would probably be the best way to limit eutrophication, since many of the main causes are anthropogenic in nature.

For example, over-fertilization occurs when farmers simply apply far too much fertilizer to their fields. When it rains, the runoff carries huge amounts of the nutrients down the watersheds and into the nearby lakes, rivers, and oceans. Since fertilizer contains many of the necessary nutrients for growth, namely nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in conveniently fixed forms, algae could easily benefit from it and quickly create an algal bloom.

Sewage dumping also leaves massive amounts of nutrients in the water and could easily be stopped if the right policies were created. Acid rains are often caused by coal power plants, which release nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the air. These react with water vapor and other stuff to create acidic compounds, thus becoming acid rain.

Simply put, the average consumer/reader could probably help by writing to their representative and making them aware of these issues and what they mean for our environment. You could also try to educate yourself about these issues and perhaps share your thoughts with other people, making sure that you raise awareness of this stuff in a meaningful way.

But I'm not a teacher or anything. I'm not your mom or anybody important. I can't really make you do this stuff. And you don't really have to do it. Just know that every little bit helps, even just telling a friend about what eutrophication means.

If anybody reading this is interested, here's some extra readings/lesson stuff that might be a bit educational. I just found them with quick Google searches just now. nd_strategies.pdf

I'm 90% sure that at least one of these links will be broken. Just copy and paste them then remove the extraneous space from the url.
Oh boy a list of sources
here we go: ae-phytoplankton-chlorophyll/ ts-little-credit/ ces-and-controls-in-aquatic-102364466 rie.jpg

There's no way I'm gonna put all of this into APA citation form or anything. Just click the links if you're interested.
If they're broken in some way or another, just copy and paste them. Make sure to remove those annoying spaces that somehow managed to sneak in there.
Hey. This is a footnote.

You may have noticed that the water in Chapter 5 was a bit glowy. That's from the bioluminescent algae. That area is also the dead zone that Siren mentioned in Chapter 3.

Why did I choose to make the chapter take place at night and have glowing algae instead of cyanobacteria or brown algae?

Well, it's a comic. I'm pretty sure that most of you would get tired of seeing 15 pages of dull-green water. So I took some "artistic liberties" and did this instead. It also fit the initial mood better and matched the time I set for this point in the story.

That's pretty much it.
Ohhh boy I love cliffhangers.

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I've advertised for our Patreon a lot. I'll make this one short.

Wallpapers! Early pages! Extra art!
I absolutely love your clouds! They're beautiful!
@Flame Shadow: Exactly. Though with the proper technology and physical information, one could conceivably sit back and allow a program to do all the work!

Ever read Sea of Rust?
@woolysox123: Thank you! There's plenty of people on the planet. Most stay near the polar regions or in benthic territories to avoid the heat.
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