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I'll fly somewhere someday.
@wergler99: Thank you very much. We'll try our best to set up some recording software soon, but the video quality might not be the best due to my tablet's low processing power. It's quite likely that if we get this to work we'll make the videos available to public rather than only for patrons.
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This comic is incredibly beautiful. It really should have more fans.
@So Cute!: We update on Saturdays at 10 am PST
@MoxMox: Thank you! We aren't sure if we'll sell anything but we may consider it if there's enough interest.
@DutchTigerCreations: Oh, interesting. There was a post by a forum mod yesterday with a viable fix.

For everyone who needs it, here's the link: panning-or-scrolling-in-some-apps-with/e8db3f51-91db-4a99-ba24-572d59686250

EDIT: Link has an extra space in it for some reason. I can't remove that. Simply copy and paste the entire thing and remove that space if needed.
@DutchTigerCreations: Ah, I've actually tried that but the uninstall button doesn't show up on that particular update, only on non-system updates (like security updates and the sort).
I should probably reiterate that the link to the question form can be found on the About page and the previous Q&A page.
@DutchTigerCreations: Unfortunately, the latest version of Windows has disabled the ability to roll back an update. It's also removed the factory reset option and has left restore points disabled by default, which means that there is literally no way for either of us to remove this latest update :(
Please note that not all of your questions may be answered for these following reasons:
1) Spoilers
2) Space available
3) Clarity
@Kiel124a: I'm actually making a four page mini-comic for an art project right now! It takes place about a century before the events in this comic. I might release it someday.
@Irimuka: Well I can't answer that! That would be a spoiler!
It's the last page of the chapter!

We'll be taking our usual one month hiatus from the main story. For now, we'll be posting Q&A pages on the regular update days. If you'd like to ask a question, you still have some time! You can find the link near the bottom of the About page. Alternatively, you can use this link: .
@quarktime: :)
Don't worry. Make some guesses.
@Irimuka: Thank you! We each spend about 3-5 hours working on a page but it may take longer depending on the complexity and number of panels. iMilq sometimes spends up to 8 hours! (I don't really keep track of how long I spend making scripts, though).

This page was far simpler since I only had to do a bit of linework and iMilq's specialty is night skies.
@Dragoonfliy: Thank you very much! That means a lot to us.
@Trinox: It doesn't actually have anything to do with the periodic table. It's a pun! A horrifically bad pun.