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I'll fly somewhere someday.
@Trinox: It doesn't actually have anything to do with the periodic table. It's a pun! A horrifically bad pun.
@dransnake: Thank you!
@ShadowStalker1128: Luckily there's a Q&A survey thing you can fill out! -->

There's another link to it on the About page!
@woolysox123: Exactly :D
@MiloIsMe: Thank you very much! I hope you've also had a great Thanksgiving!
We'll be back next week!
@LemPem: Thank you very much! I see that you're very observant! Siren's got a lot of secrets.
@ShadowStalker1128: Yes, yes it is!
@MipMipDead: Thank you! I'll remove the extra post for you. :)
@BigQuestionMK2: Adventure! Excitement! A disconnect from perceived societal constructs!
@mrjacob77: Thank you! I hope you'll stick around!
@woolysox123: Ah! Good question! Are you reading ahead in my script?
@Fireclaw: Ah, those will be deleted in a week or two. They're mostly there to give my colorist a break. Next time, I might add some splash colors if you'd like.
@Fireclaw: Do you mean the filler pages?
Oh! I nearly forgot! Happy Chinese New Year, everybody!
This is mostly a filler page. Things will pick up in a little while.
Next chapter starts in about a month! I'll have fillers in the meantime.