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Aaaaaaaye. Get it. Get it!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Yo. No printers just fax.
@ZSoj: my sentiments exactly.
I was surprised to see an update! I have definitely been keeping up on Facebook and have just understood that doing arena in the format you were, at the time, wasn’t feasible and completely supported that! Honestly, after you stopped posting on here I didn’t really bat an eye because sometimes, in life, people have to move on. When I found out you had worked on arena in a book format much later I was ecstatic. Then, saw that I missed the opportunity to have a printed copy! 😩

I checked up a few times after that just to see your progression as an artists but this is pleasant to see!

Are you thinking of doing more print or doing it exclusively digital through Patreon?

Happy to see you back and I’m happy to still be able to follow you! And hopefully support you!

AND ALSO as someone who is an artist and knows many other literary AND visual artists I know how hard it can be when it comes to deadlines and money and just pleasing other. Not everything will always work out for everyone. What’s important it what is best for you (and maybe those you hold dearest). Keep it up!
It’s like you wrote this with making a fool of me in mind. Omfg. I keep doing extra ass shit whenever I’ve been reading an update recently. Fuck. I keep doing it in public like an idiot.
Yoooooo. Taron. Same.
Holy shit. He fucking came for him.
We are fucking doing this.
Well... fuck you too, dad! What the fuck????
Literally, all I have been able to say, about the last four pages has been, yooooooo. ‘Cause FORREAL! Joa literally has just been sitting there and that shit hurts to see.
Holy shit. Joa my baby! He looks horrible! :(
You just made me literally choke on my fucking pasta. Like omfg. My sister actually though I was dying. I’m just sitting here. Trying to eat and read a casual update and BOOM RIGHT IN MY FACE. Omg.
So sad
I literally thought that he just outlived her. This was something I wasn’t expecting. Geez. That’s fucked.
I love these biblical ass comments!!! 😂😂😂
This is cool looking asf
I wasn’t fucking ready for this amazing ass comment
:’) bless.
I’m caught up. Fuck. D:
Oh, that’s fucked.