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Hi, my name is Alley! When I first started here, I was not really into web comics, and started my account mostly for the one and only one I did read, the Mystery Dungeon comic by SpeedBoostTorchic! That may be why I started, but I am now a fan of many comics here! Any comic that's related to any of my many fandoms, or has nice art, I'll give a shot! I love Pokemon, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls. I'm currently in college to be an Elementary School Teacher.
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@SmartTurtle04 Hmmm, maybe a bit? Although Lapis has a bit more control (or potential for control) over her mood changes, while Darkrai has no control over them. He also seems to be trying to be a different person, whereas Lapis (until recently) was happy with who she was, and saw it as the most logical way to be given her past. But with them both being OP characters that are good deep down, with deep seated flaws they must work to overcome, I'd say they do have a lot of similarities! (Sorry for the essay, lol)
Is Darkrai crying in the first couple panels? The shaky bubbles, and him wiping his eyes... Poor guy. He wants SO bad to be good and helpful. Hopefully he is able to fight this off with Wes's help!
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: Absolutely they can! Just go to the page marked Cameos! (Under the Cover area) You just leave your form, and it's added to the list!
Species: Zorua
Name: Percy
Gender: Male
Looks: Tail fur and "mane" are a little thinner than usual.
Personality (if needed): Soft-spoken, tends to stick around town. Not a member of an exploration team, mostly helps out at different shops.

Species: Buneary
Name: Justin
Gender: Male
Looks: A little taller than average, wears a sky blue scarf.
Personality (if needed): Happy and out-spoken (even a bit of a flirt), he loves adventuring. Enjoys a good battle, and the first one to run into a dungeon without planning.
Mewtwo's Expressions
I love Mewtwo's faces in panels 2 and 4! They speak volumes for how he's thinking and feeling. (Especially panel 2. That intense frustration/near anger is so awesomely shown!)
I DO think something's wrong with MewTwo
And here's why.

I don't think he's a doppelganger or anything. I believe this is MewTwo. But something's wrong. It's not just the dead eyes, it's the fact that he doesn't move until Jen literally pulls on him. He just stands there, stock still and emotionless. He doesn't even acknowledge Jen in the slightest, until physically forced to. Psychic-ly disabled or no, he cares for her and would show that in some way. I think there's something more wrong in his head then just a general lack of abilities. Perhaps, he isn't mentally there at all. I could see Hoopa having pulled his mental/spiritual self out, or something to do with the place they're in. He's acting very similar to what I've seen mentally-gone people to be depicted as. If he was somehow not himself, the fake would be doing a lot better job than this. But that's just my theory.

EDIT: Also, can't believe I forgot this, that would completely explain last page's title of "empty". His body's there. But it doesn't have him in it, somehow.
No one going to comment on how George "just feels safe" with Drow-Drow around? I feel like, based on that name, it's a Pokemon one should not feel safe around. Especially if you're a kid. Especially if you plan on evolving it.
Seriously love Thad though. Since our main boy here's gone soft around the edges, it's nice to have a little bit of razor in this comic again!
Hmmm, one wonders what Homeworld uses shards for? And I'm assuming that's Steven calling her out, as we haven't seen him in a few panels. Love this comic, can't wait for more! (As we wait to hear when we get more of the show...)
@HeroesOfNarnia: They're Entercards, from PMD Gates to Infinity. They allow someone to travel nearly instantaneously from one place to the next, but they have to be the right cards in the right order to get you there.
At least they don't seem to be taking it to badly... But why complicate things by trying to explain what he really is? Would probably make them scared of/hate him more if they knew he was actually the "reformed" rebellion leader mixed with a human...
To reiterate my fellow commentator... OMG IT'S SO AWESOME TO SEE THIS POSTING AGAIN!!!!!!!!

*deep breath*

But seriously, it's been a while! Hope everything's going OK irl, and looking forward to more comics as we inch closer and closer to Gem Harvest and Three Gems and a Baby! Keep up the awesome work!
@BoujNoob: It was updating very frequently, 1-3 days between updates of about 3 pages. Obviously something is going on in the author's life that they aren't able to post. Hope everything's OK!
I'm definitely interested in where this story is going! Added to my Faves! Also, I hope this isn't seen as rude, but is English not your first language? (Watch as it is and I just made a complete fool of myself...-_-)
Peridot, I thought I actually liked your more direct personality in this AU. Instead, I'm starting to think Steven should give you a good slap in the face... Poor Steven, his only "friend" on a ship of enemies, and she's being absolutely awful to him. Hopefully this will have a good explanation in the future (keeping up appearances or something)...
Just curious, do different Peridots not have different personalities, like the Rubies do? I understand theirs may be because of the placements of their gems, but the two Homeworld Pearls we've seen have also seemed to have different personalities. Though maybe that's just the circumstances they were in (i.e. who their Diamond was?). Anyway, just curious as to what your take is on if/why Gems of the same species do or don't have separate personalities!
Me too, Steven! I was gonna be SO mad at Peri!
Gonna be relying pretty heavily on this comic now that we're going on hiatus... You have been warned.

XD But seriously, I love this comic, and hopefully it'll go for a long, long time!
Discovered this comic yesterday at work, ended up finishing (what was there) at 1:20 this morning (and with an 8 am class too..). But it was totally worth it! You're grasp of how Steven and Peridot, as well as the brief glimpses of the CG, is so spot on I can't believe this isn't canon! I love the new gems as well, and adore you're artwork! All-in-all, this is a FANTASTIC comic, and definitely gives me something to fill the hole in my heart between episodes!
Buying Vol. 1
I see it's available on your Etsy, but is that able to be bought from/delivered to America? I would adore to have my own little piece of this magnificence, but I'm afraid I won't be able to...