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right now mono is on hold

sorry to the few fans * A *;;
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that means his voice sounds girly ish too? O:
cause if i saw a guy wearing a girly outfit and i suspect the person to be a guy, i wait for the person to say something OTL

but then again, i have seen really pretty girls with super low guyish voices. because of that i get surprised quickly and freak out "WHUT THE"
can you delete me from the authors list? ;-;

as weird as that sounds~

i'll still stop by with comments! * A * <3
oiii i think i need someone to edit me off the authors list since i dont think i can do that myself

LOL i almost delete the whole comic!!
but good thing i read before i click

someone please remove me!! ; n;

i am too busy with school and i feel bad for not coming here ):
so i leave TT^TT

here is a sad lotte with doing some retarded pose since i sketch this very fast OTL

but you guys can still include that creepy bald dude in your stuffs ...
he is just sad lotte is leaving ):
you guys never met the cool thing Ronnie, lotte's pet fish, can do either!! D:
the surprise was that he can turn into a human xD;
and Ronnie is almost a "big bro" figure to lotte but still his pet at the same time :3 <33

anyway you guys have a happy holiday!!
it was nice to chill with you guys before <3333
May 17th is my birthday too!
homg neat xD
I love this xD <33
this is hott ;o; <3
xD <333 I love this.
This almost reminds me of HunterXHunter. 8D <333
Very neat so far. :3 <3
love the idea xDD sounds silly <333
Merry Christmas! <3
D: I actually don't understand many things. yes'm.
I had this idea for a while..
but erm it is true. <<; /hides

I didn't like the taste so much. D:
Then I asked a friend and she explained. :D;;

Something quick because I haven't posted anything for a while. ;;

Sorry for not being active. ;;
I don't even have time for myself because of school. My schedule has been literally wake up - school - home - eat - study - eat - hw - study - sleep.

D: </3
Guhhhh I can't wait until I am free so I can finish all of the surprises. :3;;

So late /shot and stabbed ;; </3
HAHAHA I see the bird in the second panel!
iluvit. :3
Real cute <3
=( I never got a PM.
And yay for the 100th submission! <3
I also have something up my sleeve!
Fufufufu >D
Actually a few, but so busy because of school and college stuff. ;o;

I like how the shirt came out. =)
Haven't play that in a while. ;o; </3
I am proud of myself! It only took 3 minutes to figure out the meaning of the pick up line. =D /sparkle sparkle/

This page is love. *o*
I am a 17 year old 5'2" senior too!
That is rad. lD