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I can't see past that hole in the wall xDD

Seriously tho, amazing last few pages * ^*
Ghhhhhh I'm loving this so much so farrr...!!! First of allnit started with blood. And it still has blood. And a really good chance of fluff~~ You are officially in my favourite authors my friend~~!!! :33
Ahahahaha! Can't wait for this! XD
A wild Stucky appears.
Wild Stucky used The Gayest Of Cameos.
It's Super Effective!!!!!
Reader got Nosebleed.
Reader used Declare Love against the Wild Gay Cameo.
Stucky is now Loved.
Stucky Page used Them Butts.
Reader is in a state of Awed Salivation.
Reader is Nobleeding.
Reader used Flail Over Adorable Bird-boy's Dorkiness.
Stucky page is Even More Loved.
Stucky Page used Bailey The Jelly.
Reader takes double damage.
Reader is Nosebleeding.
Reader fainted.
This might well be one my favourite episode so far! XDD
@Sharp-Claw: In Tevinter they study all kinds of magic, knowledge is power and all. Even forbidden -blood- magic (but that a common knowledge hush-hush...!) I believe he found fascinating the study of the circle of life so he focused his research on that. It could even be that he had a aptitude for that kind of magic. I am not entirely sure if he mentions anything specific in cannon about his choice, only that he is a genius in all things magic in general :P
That's about lore reasons, the game mechanics reason is that there was the need for a mage necromancer in the followers list, what what better than a character from Tevinter, where no subject is a forbidden study (unlike in the Circles in most other places...!)
@Yukia96: I was wondering about that myself...!! Perhaps it's part of the plot for later?
@yasha.queen: that was my first thought as well xDDD
This was amazing! XDD I love how I'm not the only one that has thought that dragons stealing only princesses is kind of limiting as an idea...! This young knight is certainly lucky~ ;D

Thank you for this work!
This was lovely! Wonderful characters and such a potential for growth! I mean, he's a cyborg, a cyborg!! In a universe with kings and princes!!!
I see hidden wings, a bully, a tree and a sass ball. This is going to hurt, I predict >__<
@Sharp-Claw: I tip my hat to you dear sir...!! xDDD
January 27th, 2017
This actually might be the most romantic gift anyone could ever make during a zombie apocalypse~~!! Huhuhu
Yes, thank you!!! Such a wonderful dream, that would be...!!
Nahhhh, Jamie, preposterous talk is preposterous!!! XDD
Why do I get the feeling of "calm before the storm"? XPP Bet those wings are gonna grow event more in the immediate future...!
One of my favourite pages so fa btw, sweet sweet baes....! <3
@TaliciaEm: Ohoho true!! I can't so see Bailey's brother's face!! XDDD
Mercy kill or break him free.... Logically, I know it should probably be the second but still.... gaaahh!
Your art is wonderful!!!
Yay double update!!! :D :D :D I love interactions between Carolyn and Joa...! Especially around Dylan~~
I once heard the screetching of a heavy metalic door or something similar from down the street. I honestly thought my hart had come to haunt me XD