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Assock strikes again. Unfortunately, this is bound to happen if you're made of fabric, which clings to television screens quite easily because of static electricity.

Oops, I sound like a nerd.
Assock has killed everyone.
Has anyone noticed how often he says, "my words"?
Not only is Julienne lesbian, but her wife can blast notes really loud.
I am so interested. . .
Dramatic flying, but then Julienne falls. She tried.
Stuck? Oooooooooh! I must know!
Nice name. I'm guessing this sun thing occurred before and may not have gone well, though.
Assock looks like he has a shocked and sad face.
Now I am wondering what is going on. What s that flamingo-thing doing?
For I moment I freaked out like, "WHAT IS ASSOCK DOING NO" but then I remembered what happens to fabrics and static electricity.
And I still feel stupid.
A balloon!
That must have been fun.
The first two panels are a pun. "Whup in tarnation. . ."
It looks like this tree is important, and this "explosion of life", as I will call it, is hard to manage.
I simply thought the tree was dead. . .
The leaves are beautiful.