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I'm mostly a team player, often barking orders, even when its not my place.
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Name: Eaglewind
Gender: Female
Personality: Very sassy
Looks: Calico cat with grey eyes
Role: Warrior
Clan: WindClan
@andreya225: That's cool, I'll go ahead and start creating.
@Shard: K thx. *exhales*
*attempting to hold breath*
@Sapar: Moooooooo
@Blue Kirby the l33t
Just a guy pretending to be Zero. *braces for a flame*
@meatballsahoy92: Don't deny though, it is a possibility since PE has only revealed the name and relationship to Dusk of Sky. Granted it is a theory, but hey, ya never know.
I got it! In ...Bloop there is a "-----" before Dusk, and a "---" before Sora! Each corrosponding with the fact that "---" is the same number as Sky, as "-----" is the same number as Night! And since Dusk used to wear a collar, for all we know the trainer gave him a scale and changed his name, while "Sora" was getting TF'd into a girl!
Is it too late for me to submit a cat?
@MecanicalCH: So THAT'S where my feces minion went.
@Pinkeevee222: Only one way to find out! Check it for ni-*shot with a minigun so may times that the gun runs out of ammo*
August 16th, 2014
@MecanicalCH: Damn, thats a low price for intelligent life.
... Thinking Honedge. Is it Honedge?