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Great to to see you're back, I really like this comic ! Beautiful page, as usual.

edit: I just realised... the prince is Ajax's borther? I had no idea.
November 7th, 2015
Welcome back !
I wouldn't mind having 1 update every two week if it means less stress for you. Quality over quantity.
Maybe you could ask your readers through a poll ?
@Noccol: You're welcome, I am happy to help.
Though, if you are going to change anything, I should probably tell you that the term "Feles" usually refers to a cat. Perhaps not what you had in mind ?
On the other hand, "Bestia" refers to a beast, "Fera" to a savage crature and "belua" to a monstre or huge animal. I don't known if a more specific term exists.

edit: oops, too late. (sorry)
Latin !!!
I really enjoy your comics, and I'm happy to see you're updating again.

However, I'm affraid your latin is quite off."Adeo mihi, valde beatitas" doesn't mean anything.

Valde (adverb) = "strongly", "intensly", "very much", etc.
Beatitas, beatitatis (noun, fem. 3rd dec.) = "beatitude" or "extreme hapiness"
Adeo, adis, adire (verb, irregular) = "to go to" => Adeo = 1st person, indicative present : "I go to"

Adeo mihi, valde beatitas = "I go to me, very much hapiness!"

+ grammar is wrong, you can not use a dative form (mihi) for a direction, and there is no punctuation in Latin.

The correct translation would be: "ad me veni magna feles"

ad (+accusative: "towards", "to") me (accusative; Ego, mei: "I", "me") veni (, imperative: come!) magna (adj. vocative; magnus,a,um: great) feles (vocative; Feles, felis: the feline)