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Hello :D
I only created this account to encourage other amazing artist and support them with my comments and LOVE!!!!
Because I think everyone needs a little FAN ;)
And every artist should have his own little pillar of encouragement and if I can be a part of it I would be glad :D

So you could say I am just a fangirl ;P

Very well then, let's get started! :D
September 6th, 2016
I like Scotts explanation why he is interested in Trish "She knows how to kick ass... SHE BAKES" xD
I kind of like this but Scott is so awesome on his own I can't really imagine him in a relationship, and because of this I am even more hyped about the thought with him and Trish :D
September 6th, 2016
200% Lee-sexual :'D So cute :D
I really enjoy these Q&A things.
And the triangle faced Scott made me laugh to no end ;'D So gergeous <3
September 6th, 2016
I kind of really like the relationship they share right now, they are interested in each other but still on a get to know phase and don't want to reveal their secrets :)
They did get a little closer because of the trial. So I can't wait how they will progress in the future :D

Acelinn :( I am really concerned about him, what is this thing on his chest we saw before? I hope he get's better soon (with the help of Helleyes -Nurse Helleyes ;) )

I am so glad you are back :D 'Cause this is one of my favourite comics ;)
Congratulation :D You earned it ;)
This picture is really cool I love the colour and everthing <3
June 29th, 2016
Aceliiiiiiiiiiiiiiin D: Can he be healed? What is this :( I knew something was not right when they absorbed his blue energy and all of a sudden it turned red :I

But I have an idea :D How about this: Helleyes can heal Acelinn with a little bit of attention, if you know what I mean xD Joke

But this is really pretty bad :( I mean there are still 2 Seals left... And the first one wasn't all that great :I

But regardless of that the last panel looks bomb (Y)
May 23rd, 2016
Helleyes is so cute, he has to get his thoughts together before talking about the seal xD
I wonder where they will go next :D
May 23rd, 2016
OMG!!! It is so freaking cute :D "Desrick" is blushing but who wouldn't, look how cute Acelinn looks ;) Even if he doesn't look healthy I wonder what happened? And I hope it doesn't have any consequences...
But Helleyes brushing Acelinns hair softly away and Acelinn nearly whispering his true name is so goooooooooood <3
I really adore this comic :D
The fact that Elis negotiates or rather bargains with Brand rod is so cool ;)

Typo: a little mistype is in the middle of the page in Ellis second speech bubble.
"blink o fan eye" -> "blink of an eye"
But the rest seems fine (I think, but i'm not an native speaker ;'D)
I am really glad that you guys translate this comic, thank you ;)
May 23rd, 2016
I just love how different Scotts and Carters reaction to that are :'D
And trish is so happy and sparkly :D
May 12th, 2016
ahhh Thank you for showing this cool bolley kick Trish :D I just love your legs of steel xD And Scotts Face ;'D So funny :D
Thank you for answering my question :)

And welcome back :D
I love how Maki still told him just bluntly what he thinks of sempai smell :D This little creeper xD
I am really happy that they are finally together :D
And I love that you don't just stop there but also do another chapter with them being a couple ;)

And don't apologize, your life is the most important thing :D So be good to yourself take your time and post a page if you feel like it and still have fun with it :D
May 12th, 2016
I freshly go to university and dont go online for a couple of weeks and what happens!? My favourite character collapsed xD Is this some kind of mean joke ;'D
No but seriously Ace babybu nooo don't just lie there D: And Helleyes now that you noticed him go run to him and give him some of your love... Ah I mean Energy ;P
I really missed this comic ;) <3
OMG I had a lot to do in University and now I come back and look at this Story unfold in this direction :O It is too good :D And sooo fucking cute ;) And yes I will read this comic till the end so: I AM WITH YOU!!! :D
Andrew xD Are you perhaps a yoai fan ;) Seems like it :'D

He ran a marthon in his head :P
But I seriously hope he will end his relationship with the her soon :( He is not only hurting her but Alex and himself too...
I hope he will find a way out of his confusion and a way to be who he is and love who he loves! Because to be not able to be who you are is terrible and sad :(
I love pairings where they switch it up sometimes ;) I think this is more natural :D

So I love this page and Andrews thoughts in the second panel xD
Wrong time, wrong pronunciation, poor Oskar :I

And poor Brynn :( If you are already feeling bad and then something little like this happens emotions just keep flowing out and then even if you don't want to you act mean...
I hope nothing bad is in the envelope :( I don't want Brynn to cry anymore TT.TT
The day started so good with the test and all and look at this mess now :I
It is just like real life xD
Yay you are back :D <3
Don't apologize everyone needs a break in a while ;) The important thing is you came back <3

I just love how the relationship slowly starts to change and how cute they are :D Rose is just so sweet ;)
I really like this conversation :) It is just so real. Life goes on even if something really bad happened in your life thats just how things go and you can either try to live with it or fall into a depression :I sigh...

I like how Carter wants to know more about Lee, and that Lee actually tells something so personal <3
@Mccull61: I read all your comics in a flash and was an instant fan :D And I even read all the written stories and of course I already hype The Rocks and look forward to it ;)
Hahaha xD The "next time I wanna try it while I bathe" made me laugh so much xD

This is so funny :D Not what I thought they would do but just perfect ;P
And Yuu-yuu don't denied it you ship them as much as I do xD I mean look at all you noseblood!
But don't worry you and Koge are still my OTP ;)