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eon!! the children are dying!!
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okay i lied
i'll make this short cause i literally have nO TIME
i really didnt wanna do this but ive just been bombarded left and right with a thousand projects and i'm drOWNING h
but this isnt an extremely popular comic and not one thats. cared about or anything, this served more of a personal record for myself than anything else dj4nheufnhiuenh so im guessing this wont affect anyone other than myself
i still intend on finishing this comic and story, mostly for myself rather than anything else
if i finish a page i'll post it, but don't count on it for a couple of weeks/months
i'm very sorry but it's either my mental health or a dead comic
thank you for the kind comments i'll see you if i survive kfjerncfdijm
dinhewdiuwje i can exPLAIn
okay so school is starting this monday and a bitch is gonna be busy
bye mental health diu43nhiuewnh
I'm trying my hardest to make a buffer which is why there won't be an update this week!! I'm doing all the lienart/shading for the next pages to save me some time, and because my first week is somewhat calm compared to everything else I'll take the opportunity to work on as many tfm pages as possible
will updates slow down?
hell yeah. I'll be away from home 14 hours a day, working for 10 hours straight of those 14 hours and feeding myself and sleeping during the rest of the day. most likely this will be the worst year for tfm updates, but do not fret, for I will try to finish this chapter before school is over yet again.
thank you for being patient, and thank you for beating TEA in fans!!! my dudes we did it!!!! thank you so much!!
now we can bury TEA and never talk about it again ever
thank you for coming to my ted talk, see you next saturday!
@HollyTheFluffyCat: thank you!!
and yeah susan is me every day, that was referenced from Real Moments smh
@Questwings: hneedi3euskjw thank you!! this comment made my day hh
hey guys wanna hear something cool
i recorded the entire process and did the math as to how many hours it took me to do this page
guess what
heres the time for each stage

56 minutes for lineart
1 hour and 39 minutes for color and base shading
10 hours and 6 minutes for shading and lightning
2 hours and 52 minutes for backgrounds
30 minutes for editing

and the total time is 16 hours and 13 minutes not counting the sketching and paneling

how does that sound

anyway sorry for not updating yesterday i was busy!! the only valid panel in this comic is the last one of this page everything else is canceled thank you for coming to my ted talk
September 8th, 2019
gale not wanting to live forever makes me think it's because he doesnt want to see all his friends and family disappear and thats making my heart ache hjebsdkj
@Keegon: deiu67tgwhduwie thank you!!!!
September 1st, 2019
unit cat talks to dad dog
updates are moving to saturdays to prevent further anxiety uwu

does pandora is insane. the rumour come out :)
August 25th, 2019
-snoop dogg gif- this is very lovely by the way <3
pandora was running away from her problems AGAIN but thankfully our girl aarushi stopped her haha
,wh o
@Guest: she is!!!!
August 17th, 2019
i lov e their relationship im crying
@Juice-Chan: yo thats pretty gay wtf
welcome back to episode 500 of pandora looking shocked directly at the viewer, i'm your host, bitch.

looks like pandora is remembering some stuff she learned in school :)
so im just gonna go ahead and say that no, it's not in the pokedex that vaporeon does this, but i always thought it would be a pretty neat detail if vaporeon's fins did tremble in fear, so thats my canon pokedex entry there. done. sue me.
it's been two weeks and we're back!!!!! are we back for real? Who knows. I'm still recovering and I'm not great by any means, but I'm way better!! Thank you for being patient with me uwu
if it's necessary, tell me and I'll edit this comment to included the blurred text!! I tried to make it as legible as possible, but I understand if it's a bit hard to read uwu
August 12th, 2019
paige is so tired and socially inept same
@HollyTheFluffyCat: aww thank you holly!!!!! <33333 ;w;
@Micah but not logged in what's w: diewhndewjds i hAvvee,, you can blame addy for that skksskkdjksj I will stay away from the Danger Pencils i swear, ily <333