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jake is ded
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carnelian is the Best Character ever i would DIE for her. polaris is the vaguest spirit guide ever, thank you polaris, very nice
incest is wincest fellows
damn the athmosphere of this entire page is stunning
cursed image :))))))
@Shad can’t log in: :)))))))))))))))
I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!
susan is a tiny bit curious.
just a tad

soundtrack for the next few pages:
EDEN - Falling in Reverse (reversed)
That looks gorgeous!!! The contrast between the night sky and the warm fire looks amazing, it makes for a fantastic atmosphere!!
same pandora, same.
god i just love them guys jhdebwubj2ru3bw
thank you for sticking around for so long!!!
my buffer is over but FEAR NOT for I'm FINALLy on break!!! I'm gonna build up a buffer again and hopefully update every week as soon as school starts!!!! <333

soundtrack for the next few pages:
EDEN - Falling in Reverse (reversed)
im betting a dollar and part of my right kidney that the swamp man is actually secretly pretty child :)))))))))))))
@hade: thank u for sucking my life force out
I'm really loving Grace!!!! she's the Only Girl fight me
hey look it's eileen, eibeen and eiseen being a suspicious gang once more. what are they robbing nightmare, are they robbing our souls
guys pandora is my fuCKIng favourite character ever

(i'm having some literally technical difficulties with uploading pages from DA onto SJ, I don't know what's going on with the coding but i've been spending two weeks trying to fight my way around it. I successfully managed to upload pages without a problem until a month ago but ever since I either had to upload the original file - like this page - with a horrendous quality or dig my way around the image source and upload the correct file. it worked for two weeks and now I'm facing the exact same problem again, but I'm finding it rather difficult to find a solution. please stick around as I try my best to fix this, and if you have any idea of what might be going on please tell me!!! thank you!!!)

soundtrack for the next few pages:
EDEN - Falling in Reverse (reversed)
@WiispNightmare: maybe they're in a gang, Supsiceen Geeng
@WiispNightmare: eileen
@WiispNightmare: now thats what I call turning a situation upside down, eileen is now the Only Girl in existence
@WiispNightmare: nO NO IT'S OKAY!!!!!! I didn't mean it in a malicious way, I found it rather amusing sjkkkkk34i938rjdoijks <33
she lean