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eon!! the children are dying!!
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@Juice-Chan: yo thats pretty gay wtf
welcome back to episode 500 of pandora looking shocked directly at the viewer, i'm your host, bitch.

looks like pandora is remembering some stuff she learned in school :)
so im just gonna go ahead and say that no, it's not in the pokedex that vaporeon does this, but i always thought it would be a pretty neat detail if vaporeon's fins did tremble in fear, so thats my canon pokedex entry there. done. sue me.
it's been two weeks and we're back!!!!! are we back for real? Who knows. I'm still recovering and I'm not great by any means, but I'm way better!! Thank you for being patient with me uwu
if it's necessary, tell me and I'll edit this comment to included the blurred text!! I tried to make it as legible as possible, but I understand if it's a bit hard to read uwu
August 12th, 2019
paige is so tired and socially inept same
@HollyTheFluffyCat: aww thank you holly!!!!! <33333 ;w;
@Micah but not logged in what's w: diewhndewjds i hAvvee,, you can blame addy for that skksskkdjksj I will stay away from the Danger Pencils i swear, ily <333
@Sky207: Thank you Sky!!!! :3
@Midnight-fox18: mid my baby grill damsel bisexual honey boo ilysm, i'll only draw sexy art of you is that alright ;)) thank you so much for everything hh ilysm <33
@Questwings: Thank you so much!!! I always try to keep a positive outlook on things to help myself recover better :3 Your kind words mean a lot to me!!!
@Darvin: Haha I'll try not to!! I'll see what fits best, thank you!!
@SentryBeat: the healing process will be months long, I'll have to fully commit to getting better with the help of doctors and my psychiatrist. But I don't want to allow myself to get lazy and to lose inspiration to work on what I love the most, and since a week/two weeks is the recovery period to get my physical well being at the very least stable, I'll try to get back to work as soon as I can!! If I see I'm not fit to work again by that time, then the hiatus will be extended until I'm feeling fine again!!
Do not fret, the comic isn't cancelled!!
Unfortunately, I was overworking myself and for two days straight I was in and out of the hospital with massive panic attacks. My body collapsed due to the stress and none of my bodily functions were working, so I was in and out of the urgency room several times in these past nightmarish days.
I'm getting the help needed and I'm taking care of myself, so don't worry, I should be fine and without any major consequences out of this!! <33
Please understand that I'll need time to heal and right now working is NOT optional. I'm taking my medication and I'll be fine, but for at the very least a week I can't work or do anything anxiety/stress inducing, so to give myself time to heal I'll be gone for two weeks.
Thank you for understanding guys, see you in two weeks!!
There you are!!!!!!!!!! There you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all up for a team medley server, but only if you're comfy uwu
patrick - god
that decidueye i dont remember the name of - Godest
patrick is so extra i love him sob
oh god oh FUCK
there she is!! the bitch!! saving the day!!
gale is carnelian's dad
he's her dad
boogie woogie woogie
@HollyTheFluffyCat: im here to provide :)