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requests are currently OPEN
I'll be drawing some pages and side projects <3
bet you he's listening to TOP that edgy little prick
yes it is I. I am back with updates woo

There at least 3 things I want to adress in this comment, and if you're willing to read through all of those you've earned +5 points in my consideration.
Those 3 things are:
A) TFM updates/warnings, the current progress and characters
B) Some YouTube updates and self promo ayy
C) Update on my life/mental health

P L E A S E know that TFM is NOT TEA. As I said before, I want to burry TEA in the sands of time. The concept I had for it was okayish, but the way I executed was horribly done. I was making up the story as I went and it clearly wasn't working out. Characters would just switch personalities at such a rapid pace with no development. ugyfuhkdsj I hate it I hate it kill it with fire. It was a good learning experience but that's it. So this is basically how TFM updates will go: a new page will be out every week on friday, around 10PM (Portuguese Timezone). I'm working on as many pages as possible so I can always be a chapter ahead of the pages I'm updating, in case I don't have time to work on a new page each week (which is what will most likely happen). The characters have been redesigned and a few renamed. I'm not leaking any characters designs yet, but if you have been to my streams you've seen at least a couple of them. The comic pages will all be updated to DeviantArt, in my TFM side account:
I will no longer update on my EonyTheGreat channel. My new channel is a collaboration with Link to the channel will be here:
We'll mostly update animation memes/original animations/map parts. Keep in mind we're both furries, so any vlog videos that there might be will mostly be done in fursuits.
In terms of my mental health, it has surely gotten better!! I'm feeling a LOT better thanks to all of my supportive friends <3 Tho depression and anxiety are still very present in my life, my suicidal thoughts are less scarier than before (even if they're still sometimes active and kick in at random moments). I'm trying to take care of myself as much as I can and I'll start working over the summer to gain some experience.

I think that's all for now sweeties!! Thank you for being so patient, and soon enough you'll have the comic you've been waiting for!!!

With love,
Bean <3
@Silver Eevee: I thought I was your senpai betrayal how could you young mashed potato
cheers for the gay that has handled my irregular cycles of emotional drama and anxiety for 2 years now
hope you all die single and alone bye
@Silver Eevee: that's right hoe
@Silver Eevee: fear me I have returned
February 13th, 2018
oh dang look who's there
help me I'm drunk
stop stop cease and assist
January 28th, 2018
how do you tree even
ha you furry
@WildfireK: actually bea IS a lot taller than jack
January 27th, 2018
@ShadowStalker1128: get ready boii
January 27th, 2018
woo what's this I'm rebooting TEA
Yes it is I eon and I am rebooting my 3 year old comic TEA because I still love my babies lol
The story itself and characters have changed quite a bit, and gASP There'll actually be an update schedule (it's not decided yet, I'll work on a whole chapter and upload it regularly)
haha you thought I died but I'm coming back from the dead henlo yes get reADY
Stop stop cease and assist you have to cease and assist
This literally brought me back from the dead
Yet again, comic's not abandoned. And nope, not done procrastinating. Neither am I done with schoolwork and outside problems. The comic will resume at it's own time. It's not dead, just waiting for a big return after I finally manage to pull the pieces of my life back together.
and then everyone died
the end