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jake is ded
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February 6th, 2019
ember is my child now fight me thanks xoxo
*secret tfm page appears*

soundtrack for the next few pages:
EDEN - Falling in Reverse (reversed)
@hade: small sad :)))
soundtrack for the next few pages:
EDEN - Falling in Reverse (reversed)
January 19th, 2019
skylar fucking got the bread god damn
he's here and he's gonna fffuck you up
@Reptile Lover: Thank you so so much!!! I'll be sure to look hard for some good deals, tahnk you for the tip!!!
@Silver Eevee: pan: bye bitch
@Questwings: Thank you so much for pointing that out, I totally missed that! I'll fix that asap!
please read this comment
well, here it is, as promised!
I managed ti finish another page, so we have 3 more pages waiting to be upload!!!
See you in two weeks, thank you for sticking around!!

Right now I need some help from you guys.
I've decided (after a few months of deliberating) that I'm getting a Gecko!
The previous shall be offered to me around my birthday by my friends, and since I made this decision by myself my parents are waiting for me to do everything regarding the Gecko, including paying for everything needed for the Gecko's care. I want my baby to be COMFORTABLE and SAFE, and for that I require some specific stuff I can't afford alone.
New info will be added soon enough to my journal page on DA about commissions regarding this, and it would be appreciated if you could keep an eye out for it. Thank you for understanding, and please await for more info!
New information should be out here pretty soon:


soundtrack for the next few pages:
EDEN - Falling in Reverse (reversed)
EDIT. New is spelled incorreclty gusy im crying it's staying like that

okay so I have good and bad news

Bad news first.

My school starts tomorrow so that means I'm going back to my schedule of "waking up at 6 having 10 hours of school getting home at 8 and going to bed at 9, maybe 9:30 if i take some time off to cry" and this specific semester is going to be actual HELL ON EARTH. For some reason the portuguese education system said "hey let's shorten the last semester to like a month and overwork the students on their second semester!!! I'm sure that won't fail and end up in the death of thousands of students!! Nah!!!!!!"
I'll try my best to keep it together and not fall face first on every project, but I'll be absolutely overworked and dying when the time comes around, with little to no time for myself. BUT when I do have time for myself, I'll work on this comic!! Don't worry <33

The Good news

I have 3 pages of buffer and that was literally ALL I could manage in 2 weeks of break (not counting those 4 days I spent celebrating Christmas and New Years). I put a lot of effort into these pages hhh

The Bad News again

only having 3 pages of buffer means I'll have to space out updates, from every friday until the buffer is over to every two weeks so I can work on a fourth page to keep you updated and with content <33

There aren't major changes for 2019, only the prayer that the plot will actually start developing hh
I didn't take a break from working on this comic through my entire break blease guys i'm trying fff

Thank you for an amazing 2018, and here's to another year of my favourite babes!: bitchy moon, hype naive hoe, precious child, rotting bones and many more to come!!!!
Thank you for sticking around and I hope you understand!!
@ultrawandit: can't wait to fucking die!!!!!
@ultrawandit: you caught me at my greatest moment, 3 AM
Thank you for replying uwu
fingers in his ass
fingers in his ass
carnelian likes
big fingers in her ass
December 29th, 2018
Flare is getting destroyed by dawn
fucking legend gET HIM!!!!!
oh my fucking god she fucking dead
@WiispNightmare: will she be a cute for long tho,,,,,,,,
now we're asking the real questions,,
@FruityBerrySoda: Fluff queen uwu