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Gorgeous but yo should be sleponhajjdwj
I wear the same clothes to sleep 8 days in a row ;)

plus spoopy birb >:C begone
Let them be off to danger and death
The literal meaning of loving yourself
self incest is always good
local old man ruins everything by existing
oH IM LOVE <33
i love the full names??? if those are even their full names. they're adorable <33
but jebus jwbdhbwhjh lady plz dont make my son cry
i like your confidence ;)
@RioBlitzle: West Philadelphia, born and raised
@LightEclipse: TFM lesson number 53: don't exploit children or you'll get fucked up by children

@ shad
take a good look at pretty child
you will see her no more

im in the middle of a mid life crisis okay lets all agree to burn tfm to the ground
wow look at that beautiful girl standing on the 3rd panel. mmmmm best character so far I stan <3
Im silently praying her knees fail
Okay fuck apparently I did make this mistake of ears lift a shit ton of times iadj9@:$+@9 forgive me I'm constantly working on the comic both on paper writing the script and on my laptop drawing it I know it's no excuse im sorry
okay so I'm gonna be gone for the weekend so I can only read comments when I'm back be nice okay xoxo
blessings to those who guessed susan, the 13 year old, would bring her entire fucking class with her -thumbs up- y'all are amazing <33

let's address some things i feel they need to be addressed just because i made a mistake in the first panel
pandora NEVER lifts her ears okay??????? i dont think i've made that mistake before but this page was already done when i noticed it so fuck it. Pandora's ears are way too heavy so she can't lift them up naturally. They're always somewhat bent down.
next up is susan's behaviour. sure most 13 year olds don't act like this but susan was raised in a vERY small town away from nearly every other city/town. I have had people who are 17 act like this because they were raised away from the urban environment, and it's not wrong or anything, it just makes them a little more innocent to what they're presented to. Not everyone acts like this (I was raised in a very small town and at 13 i was uhhhh kinda like this but not that much)
okay? okay.

see yall in 2-3 days <33

im trying my best okay
w o o s h