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eon!! the children are dying!!
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em and astrid > chaceldony >:(
th,,ere she goes
@RioBlitzle: tHEY SHOULD JDNEINideiuwnfd9387
updating early again because I'll be away tomorrow
now i can finally start developing the lure of this comic. and oh boy brace yourselves, i have an entire notebook of lure
also that looks painful, ouchie susan. I'm sure she's fine :)
@Creamy Eevee: Please, don't feel bad!! I simply wanted to know how I could improve, I wasn't offended!! It's completely understandable that you got confused, don't belittle yourself over something this small. There's nothing to forgive since you haven't done anything wrong, and I'm very flattered and happy that you like my current artwork and the amount of work I put into it! Don't worry about what you have said that much, learn from it and let it help you become a better person! Regardless, I'm very happy you're enjoying what I'm currently doing and I hope you have a great day! Again, try not to overthink this, you're fine!!
i would DIE for ember and skylar.
and maybe i will
@hade: it's flashback mary hours
i'm uploading this earlier cause i'll be busy tomorrow
but hey look at that :)
there she is :)

this has 100+ layers of pure torture. it took me uhhhhhh 12 hours at least, but i'm quite pleased!!
we'll finally get some info about yveltal and her powers, buckle up my friends

edit: blur has been added to help with field depth, yveltal is still quite far away!
@Thedoggoking: thank you so much!!!
@Thedoggoking: it's a tie between shading the characters and the backgrounds themselves!! They're both very tiring and take the longest to make out of every page due to the amount of detail both have. :3
hey guys remember when i said it took me 10 hours to draw each page?
can you guess who put even more effort into her comic
I'm FINALLY on break fellows, so updates should be as regular as can be!! I still have exams but nothing to worry about!
please guys im trying really REALLY hard, these pages take parts of my soul away

The hand written text is intentional!! It'll only last for this page, so don't worry about it!
@Guest: either saturday, next wednesday or in the worst case scenario next saturday!
let's get this started owo
I can't promise a page next week, school's nearly over so it's time to deliver every single project/report and im dying
and thus, after an entire year
chapter one is over folks!!!

Sorry for the inconsistency this year; a lot of things changed and I went through some really harsh work with school. But hopefully next year will be different, cause I'm gonna work my ass off this summer break!!
What do you think of tfm so far?? please guys im really trying diuh43f8undine
I know pandora is an asshole but bear with me, she gets worse.

Chapter 2's cover will be posted most likely on wednesday, stay tuned!!

soundtrack for the next few pages:
EDEN - Falling in Reverse (reversed)
hi i would die fo paige thank you
GOD i love dawn so much
y'all thought she was going to help susan???
h a :)

soundtrack for the next few pages:
EDEN - Falling in Reverse (reversed)
guys it's smurcake