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She will pick a fight, that she can't win huh?
Did Hayden do something that could BITE BACK?
Damn, Happy Holidays.
Here it is.
Teesha is PISSED.

Great page here.
Hayden, you SON OF A BITCH!
Very UNFUCKING believable.

How did you DO THAT?

But what's the price plus interest?

That will be Sarette's question?
My Goodness
My oh my, but then again, "QUEEN BITCH" is her title. I hope Hayden gets it done. Once again, Gianna and Sarette will not be pleased.

I don't know what will happen next, but I'm at the edge of my seat.

Great page.
What the fuck happened?

I hope Hayden knows what he's doing here. Sarette's gonna be pissed for sure. Boss Lady, I ain't going there.

Never Happy.
It is a scary retort. But I'm of the philosophy, that even though Jenna; like Gianna, are in a class by themselves(Only one in their own class).

All it takes is one lucky shot to bring her down.

Good page here.
Communication is KEY
I'm glad to see ya update this. I do love this series.

Now I do wonder what the agreement is.

I do agree with both, but I will side with Favian on this. She could've told them both.
Good Comeback
Excellent page here, and good comeback by Hayden.
That's MAJOR, and so FUCKING DISTURBING. I can tell he doesn't share, much less wear it. But damn, what kind fucking DRINKING GLASSES are those?

You blew me away.

What does she mean by "Pre Blackout"?

Yeah, she is good. NO WONDER, SHE'S THE TOP INFORMATION BROKER. That's all she gotta do. Serve drinks or whatever, and your ass is hers.
Let's see
She knows who he works for and his reputation.

If Jenna is all of that. I'll give her that, but I'll say, she couldn't beat Gianna.
He's Good
Hayden, I give you credit.
It's gonna to BLOW!
Teesha just had to go there. I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

Hayden, your expertise might be needed here.
She looks good in anything.
Oh Teesha
Not again, I wonder what bridge this was. It's not good AT ALL!

There was a reason why Sarette didn't want her doing this alone. Now we know maybe, one of those reasons why.

the choices that one makes can have consequences.

Good show here. Now I hope Favian and Hayden can ply their trades to offset the disadvantage here.
My oh MY.

How things have gotten off to a rough start.

If Hayden saves this, Teesha will HATE HIM.


It'll mean, she'll OWE him.
The reveal and DEM HIPS.
Looks like Hayden will be pretty surprised to meet her as much as Teesha.

Things just got INTERESTING, aplenty
Mystery & History
There is indeed both history & mystery between these two.

She's watching you already, so she already knows her. Wayward pet? WHOA, that's a mighty title there.

The introduction and revelation of this woman will tell is soon enough.

Great page here Zelmarr, this story gets better and BETTER. I love the lighting too.