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I will be posting a Pokemon Gijinka comic later this year or early next year. ^^ I Plan to upload the Pilot chapter soon though!

"Quack Attack" is my side project currently, and it is a webcomic made of little doodles about quirky aspects of my life.

"Dream Fragments" is a collab project where we have the lovely writer Lifeanditswonders then me the trash who illustrates it.

Feel free to message me~
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@Lifeanditswonders: I love you more and this webcomic also loves you!
Do you ever just rub your eye even if it's just a little tap you suddenly feel it puffing up or stretched out?

Me all the time :'0 so sorry If I look like a monster... I was rubbing my eyes.
I am Mickey the King of Ducks
Hello Everyone~ This webcomic is currently my side project, also a distraction from my main. Which is why the art in this series will be flat and simple. XD

Due to this web comic not being plot driven, I'll be releasing a Cover Art every 1st of the month! :')

I look forward to finally posting something onto smackjeeves! though I'm new at this so please treat me well. ;0
The summary for this comic is a PUN <3
You don't mind if people do fanart right <3
Congratulation!!! <3 I hope you get sales!!! I would love to buy one, one day. I really do hope you make more comics.
He's a Converse Wearer! <3
Oh my gosh I love how its actually the sempai wanting to be notice :D This change what I expected lul
This is so cute and funny! <3
You're Art style is amazing and desirable! <3 and honestly I love the story so far like I'm looking forward for more.
This comic just got so much better and interesting! <3 but knowing Link and Tessa are fans of him... Hopefully Tessa doesn't try to pull irony away from Tonomi ;; (but Irony being the awesome man he is he'll be like bitch no XD) but it'll be interesting to see link's reaction to Irony and Tonomi together. (but in a nutshell link will probably be like "no! I love you more Irony you should get together with me instead!" XD jk )

But man Tessa so cute in angel plot ;w; you guys don't have to but I hope you guys pick it up again
wait so does tonomi and link have seperate rooms? XD for that looks like a single bed
Oh gosh the feels.... </3 I actually feel sorry for him
As much as i love link got what he deserve, that face of his makes me sad XD.... (not trying to protect what he did)
Pffft even though he's probably worried as hell but XD Tonomi like this is considered dress a whore why Tessa is ok for it's "tempting mini skirt: XD
Oh my gosh <3 the dialogue
I really hope she doesn't fall back into his bad boy vibe and love him all over again XD
Poor baby ;w; Don't trip Tonomi... We see you wobbling :(
*gasps* @YukixKaname1 Ouran <3 i thought of the same thing lul